FIRST Kooba! Need your opinion...:)

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  1. #1 Oct 9, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2010
    First time I have ever posted in the Kooba sub.:biggrin: I'm usually in Coach, Balenciaga. Although, I LOVE all nice leather bags regardless of name. I made a VERY impulse buy today at Nordsrom's Rack. I was looking through the clearance bags and saw this beauty from across the room. I LOVED the color instantly (which isn't as bright as the pictures are showing) and was pleased to see/feel the quality. It did have several major scratches that I was concerned about but as you can see, Apple leather conditioner took care of them and made it look AWESOME. Then I saw the name, Kooba! :P THe color is wine and a muted brown red for lack of a better description. I am not familiar with Kooba and was hoping someone here could give me the scoop on this color, style name and maybe the year this bag came out?? The retail price was $575 and the interior is a light purple if that helps. Thank you in advance for any info. What do you think of this bag?

    Loading pics now... one moment... :smile:
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    heres pics :smile:

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  3. Beautiful find! Sorry that I don't have any helpful info, but congrats on your purchase!
  4. Don't exactly know either, but that is a really fun-looking bag!!
  5. I've no idea what it is, but the leather looks like butter and, well, I like it!
  6. Hi, I think it's the Kelsi satchel, from Fall 2009. Not sure about the color...maybe the Kooba ladies can confirm? Anyway, it looks gorgeous, simple yet sophisticated, congrats!!
  7. THanks everyone! I'm stepping out of my norm with this one but surprisingly, it is more neutral than I thought it would be! The leather is like butter. lol... LOve it. :smile:
  8. Cverhoff, super late comment, I know, but that is a really cool find! I have yet to find a Kooba at my local NR. How much was it? And I LOVE the crossbody strap - I hope you can put that to good use since I don't have a crossbody at all and really would like one. Enjoy!