First Kooba just arrived!

  1. My very first Kooba, a black Jillian, arrived today. How gorgeous! I purchased it without ever having seen a Kooba in real life. I looked at photos online and read all the great things everyone here said about them. I think the purse is great, but I was surprised at how heavy it is. Are most of the other Koobas also heavy?

    Cindy in WV
  2. I am by no means a Kooba expert, I only have 3! But, all 3 of them are on the heavy side. I tend not to carry a large load in them, so it's not a big deal to me, plus in my opinion, it helps them stay on my shoulder better! I'm watching at a farrah now on eBay, that would make 4!!!
  3. cm, I own a Jillian in black as well, and yes, most Koobas are abit heavy. But consider the leather used, thick bomber jacket like, especially the Jillian's. It's like hide off of a water buffalo. *s

    Then look at the hardware, brass studs around in two circles. Those studs give the biker chic look to that bag and add abit of weight.

    But think of it this way, if you need to fight your way off of the subway, just swing that bag around a few times and the way will be cleared.

    Enjoy it.
  4. Congrats! Post pics when you get a chance.
  5. Congrats on that new Jillian, cm!:yahoo: That's the only drawback with the Koobas, they tend to be heavy...
  6. congratulations on the new jillian! please post pics of your gorgeous self modeling that bag!
  7. Welcome Cindy to the wonderful world of Kooba! I just got my Kooba Jillian in Sand yesterday and I already have one in black. Doesn't it smell luscious???

    Like the others said...most Koobas tend toward the heavy side. Some lighter styles would be the Elisha, The Jessie is somewhat lighter, the Scarletts, and maybe the Marias. These are all smaller bags except the Elisha (which you really should look at...LOL). Anyone else think of some lighter Koobas?? Some older bags like My Alex, Tatum, and Brooklyn are very light.