First Kooba....a Jessie!

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to formally introduce myself as I've been stalking these forums for the past few weeks. With your help I have just purchased my first Kooba...and first designer handbag....well designer anything. I actually had never even heard of Kooba until this August....I was on a flight headed to San Diego and noticed that the bag on the lap of the girl next to me was really nice. I kept catching little glimpses of it and noticed the Kooba emblem on the side. I'm kicking myself now for not asking her about the bag and can't really remember enough now to know which bag it was exactly. (Were any of you on that flight...I think it was Aug 2nd...she was traveling with a guy...sat in the middle seat...anyone??) But from that moment forward I was obsessed.

    As soon as I got home from my trip I started researching. Thanks to Lexi and Youngster and Minimouse(?) among many others I decided on a Jessie....I was really looking for a Java but my second choice was Khaki so when it came back up on the Kooba site (check it out....there are still some there!!!) I had to grab it. It arrived today and I love it! I wasn't certain about the color and was afraid that anything but the Java would dissapoint me but it really is a beautiful bag. You are all right, they look so much better in real life than in any of the photos!

    So thanks everyone!!! I'm hoping that now that I have a Kooba this obsession will end but from the looks of you all.....I'm in big trouble as it looks like it may just be beginning!!!!

  2. congratulations! The Jessie is a beautiful bag. I had the pleasure of seeing it in the Raisin color, which was beautiful. I have bought and sold quite a number of Kooba bags but never kept one for myself. Well today I recieved "my first" Kooba bag for me to keep. :yahoo:It is the Parker in Ink and it is gorgeous. I just love it. Now I want a Red Devin....the obession has begun:graucho: Look out Weebeansy you will be next....:lol:
  3. Congrats on the Jessie Weebeansy!! Great first choice. The Jessie is a great bag. May you wear it in good health...........and let the "hunt" can never have just one. LOL :tup:

  4. That's wonderful news Weebeansy, the Jessie was also my first Kooba, I am a Jessie fan through and through.

    CONGRATULATIONS, you're going to love those useful pockets and magnetic snap closures. I have it in java and also khaki, they are the same type of leather - soft and supple.

    My only wish is that Kooba would come out with a taller version, so it has more depth, now that would be another winner. I'd definitely choose to own both.
  5. Congratulations! Have fun wearing it! Which one is next??!!!
  6. Congrats Wee! And welcome to the club! The Jessie is a great bag. I hope you enjoy it for years to come, though as you said, this may only be the beginning . . . .
  7. Congrats on the bag- I am sure you will enjoy it. The Jessie seems to be quite functional w/ the pockets too, which is a plus!
  8. Thanks everyone for the wonderful welcome! My husband has been amused by the fact that I've been carrying my new bag proudly on my shoulder even as I move from room to room in the house. Hey Youngster....were you ever lucky enough to get your hands on a Java Jessie?
  9. Congrats Weebeansy! I'm sure you'll be happy with your Jessie, as it's such a great style. I hope you stick around the Kooba forum for a while too, now that you've taken the plunge! ;)
  10. Congrats! I have the Jessie in Ebano and it's a great bag!
  11. Congratulations and welcome! Beware - you may find Koobas addicting!
  12. LOVE THE JESSIE! I will never sell my Rose Python Embossed Jessie - I love her so much! I bought my SIL an Ebano one- it's such a PERFECT bag! Wish I would have bought the Ebano for myself too -