First key me choose!


Which key holder

  1. MC White Keyholder

  2. Pomme Keyholder

  3. Amarante Keyholder

  4. Mono Keyholder

  5. Cles or suggest something else

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  1. I do already own the mono cles, however, I feel like I need to own a key holder. It's just so darn cute. So the question is which one? They're all so eye catching, but I want one that I can rely on without the wear-n-tear since it will be used on a daily basis.

    I have four keys for home, and another four keys for car, work and other. Currently they're separated by two different keychains.

    Please provide comments on pros and cons...Thanks!
  2. I have the pomme and black mc. I love them both. Would get more if I had more keys to put on them. Here's a pic for ya!
    easter 5.jpg
  3. The new MC Fleurs keychain! It's relatively cheap ($225)....rileygirl has a pic in her signature (right beside the LVOE one).

    That might not fit everything on....I tried to fit my car key (GMC truck key) and a house key on my keyholder and it wouldn't work :sad: It all depends on the shape of the key hole thing.
  4. Oh, the fluers mc holder is TDF! The lobster clasp is big and you can hook it on to another ring if ya like.

    As Twigger says, you have to be creative with the multicles key holder. As you can see my alarm thingys don't fit. I have two-three keys in each of the above.

    Here's the inside...
    key kitty.jpg mc key inside.jpg
  5. I use my ebene mini lin and it is great for daily wear and tear, since the color hides any dirt....good luck on your decision!
  6. Thanks Rileygirl for the visuals! Very helpful!

    Gosh, I'm still stuck on which one to get. The Ebene Mini Lin is a good idea too. Hmm.....
  7. I'm going with the Amarante.
  8. MC white.
  9. MC gets my vote.
  10. I have had the vernis keyholders in pomme, framboise, indigo, bronze, and I'm getting the white mc on Sat. The darker colors in the vernis hold up really well. And the vernis keyholders, I think, are so pretty! Many of the colors sparkle and they're shimmery. So pretty!!
  11. I have a pomme keyholder and its SO PRETTY. You can't go wrong with a vernis keyholder in a good darker color; it's so sparkly and shimmery, it brightens up your keys!
  12. I'm between the vernis and MC keyholder! Both of them are absolutely adorable, so either way you can't go wrong!
  13. Epi keyholder. I can't fit my keys into any of my cles', and I only have four of them. Maybe I need a smaller split-ring, but they just bulk it out.
  14. Tough choice between MC and vernis
    I have been thinking of getting one too. Just that i'm tore as well..
  15. My vote goes to get the MC Keyholder. :tup: