first kelly

  1. I would like to buy my daugther Kelly for her 21st birthday. Any suggestions on color, size and leather?
  2. OMG what a sweet mother you are!! yes, definately go for a 32cm black kelly that she will use for the rest of her life or start her off right at least. gold hardware is classic but silver hardware is younger looking so it depends on her fashion style what you should get. box leather is most famous and very pretty, a stronger leather like togo or clemance is more casual and can be bounced around a little more. congrats what a great gift!!
  3. or a blue jean kelly. or something in the pink or purple family. what colors does she love? wear mostly? does she like big bags or smaller ones?
  4. I concur. Go with classic black. Timeless and classic will last her a lifetime. If you are looking for another daughter, I would love to be adopted.
  5. :roflmfao: uh, me too LOL
  6. Get sellier/rigide kelly if possible. It will keep its shape and it looks so elegant, and will be for a lifetime. But we are talking about a young woman, perhaps she would like purple chevre. You don't want something to sit in a box for the next 25 years until she grows into it. A scarf tied to it always adds color and glamour, and can change to match any outfit. Nice mom to get such a special gift.
  7. oh yes, rigide or souple (soft) is important too, rigide is very firm and more dressy, more formal and souple is more casual. good point!!
  8. Once I saw this girl (she must've been in her early 20s) carrying a (probably 28-30cm) gold souple kelly. I thought she looked so cute!

    ReneH and HauteCouturess, may I join in the adoption application!!
  9. Thank you so much for all your help.
  10. ooo-def black with silver-a classic she will enjoy carrying forever!
  11. Go for a blue jean kelly 32 cm, as it can match jeans very well. Most young ladies would wear jeans. I think hermes is very expensive, so I will go for a more vibrant colour so that it will pop out. Blue Jean is the most popular colour in Asia too. I only have 1 Hermes, which is a Kelly in Pitorin colour (pumpkin orange) and Togo leather (heavier leather, but more casual). The colour is nice and I have received lots of compliments and attention using this bag. Even my colleague who is only 21 and does not know brand names well knows it's a Hermes bag. :p

    Happy Birthday to your daughter and I am sure she would love the Kelly. I got mine at 28 (last year), half of it paid by myself and half by my husband.
  12. Does your dd carry silver or gold jewellery/watches? If she likes gold, a gold kelly with gold h/w is lovely. If she likes silver, a black kelly with PH h/w is my pick.

    What a lucky girl! Her best present is really having such a loving mom.
  13. Marie, what color bags does she pick when she shops for herself?

    Right off, I would say a Blue Jean Clemence Kelly 32 or 28. Or Raisin, if you can find it.

    Happy Birthday celebrations to you, too....people can forget how misty eyed Moms can be on their children's birthdays.
  14. mjc, what a nice birthday gift to give your daughter! I'm sure she will adore her Kelly. I love the sellier/rigide look. :smile: How about gold for the color? There's some beautiful bags in the gold thread. :smile:
  15. good advice, look in the color threads to see what she might like, originally i would say go for a black 32cm which is classic and timeless but maybe blue jean is better for a young girl of 21...