First Kelly Question

  1. Have been gone for a while. Needed to save cash to buy a condo. That is done and I am ready for some more H!

    DH and I were in the NYC store this weekend shopping for my 38th and 40th birthday gifts. We had so much fun looking a everything on the first floor.

    DH is sooooo into getting a Kelly for my 40th b-day (or sooner)! I have settled on a rigid box calf bag in black. Probably with palladium HW because my Bolide has gold and because most of my jewelry is silver, white gold or platinum. But I would be just as happy with gold.

    So here is the question: size. I am 5’7” and 140 lbs. I can take a big bag, but I don’t think that my first Kelly should be too large. I will use it for day and some formal, but my Chanel flap will be my formal bag. So, should I do 28 cm or 30 cm?

    BTW, For my 38th he gave me a brown Epsom :tender:bifold business card holder and a set of Kelly Caleche lotions and perfumes. He said that the perfume makes me smell like I just washed my hair in the woods!
  2. That would be the best present ever! I just got a 35cm and although I´m quite small sized I think it works perfectly. It all depends what size you would like to carry, that tends to usually work.

    Your husband is great!!
  3. That is great news! Happy b-day! I think a 32 would be great for you; the 28 might be too small for a tall gal like you!
  4. Get a 28, it should work fine for you in rigide. I am a fair amount taller (and heavier) 5'11 and the 28 works great for me in rigide. In soupple, it's the 32 for me although I would also consider a 35. But rigide - 28 all the way.
  5. Thanks to you both. I think that I might get a soupple 32 in a lighter brown later for a more casual/day/hauling stuff around look.
  6. Good idea!
  7. Sounds like a great idea. 2 of our members here got soupple 32s in gold togo and they are just SMASHING!
  8. If you want a rigid Kelly you should not buy a 35 rigid until you have tried it in person. I find that even in a 32 a rigid Kelly can make its presence felt quite a bit to the wearer. I especially feel it in the corners.
    I think a 32 souple would be very nice and versatile.
    Your husband sounds very romantic!
  9. I think a 32 will be more suitable for your frame.
  10. I would vote for a 32 in a sellier. I'm shorter and heavier than you, and it is a perfect size for me.
  11. I would suggest a 28cm especially if it's black Box with Sellier construction. This will look more like a 32cm on you with the outside stitching anyway....and it will transition nicely from day to night.

    A black Box Sellier Kelly is a lovely bag for both day and evening.......
  12. I would vote for the 32 retourne as well. It can go both casual and dressy.
  13. Tamarind, you are so right. The store had two brown 25 cm Kelly bags, one rigid in box and the other soft in epsom. He would have purchased one for me then and there. Both made me weak in the knees, but the size was not for me. I can't believe that I resisted!

    I have been carrying an Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Ebery (when I am not sporting my [SIZE=-1]37cm mui Bolide) and it is a bit bitter than the 28 cm. It does not get lost on my frame.

    I keep coming back to 28 box rigid in black and a bigger Kelly in some brown or toupe later. Maybe he will get me both!
  14. If you have a chance to get a 28 sellier in black box, then get it! I have the same and love it. LOVE IT. And no, it doesn't get lost on my frame at all.
  15. I think 32 rigid black box. :tup: