First Kelly. Ebene, Black or Graphite?

Feb 7, 2010
My friends, I need your opinion on my first Kelly. Ebene, Black, or Graphite? I'm thinking about Chevre, Swift, or Togo in Retourne...Clemence could potentially work but I don't like slouchy bags...nor do I like very rigid looks such as Box...(Gee I'm so picky :shame:smile:
I'm looking for a size 32 in Palladium hardware.

Here is information about me and my wardrobe.

I'm Asian so my hair and eye colors are very dark brown.

My wardrobe is mostly black (almost all my coats are black), navy and brown

I currently have an Etoupe shoulder birkin JPG. I also have a SO Etoupe Kelly on the way.

I'm looking for something around new year time while I'm waiting for my Etoupe Kelly...not sure if a regular Birkin is my choice because I love carrying my bag on my shoulder lol

So what should I get for my first Kelly? Would LOVE to hear your opinion!:flowers:
Thank you!:kiss:
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Feb 27, 2007
black chevre. might be hard to find in retourne since i usually see in sellier. second choice would be togo.


Jan 17, 2009
I would go ebene or maroon fonce because they match black beautifully and still give you the richness of the leather without blending black on black. or repeating grey my favorite is graphite, but I feel that all that you can wear with etoupe you can wear with graphite so I would stay in the brown family. But and this is just a suggestion if you wear so much black how about a nice contrast piece like blue Jean or perhaps rouge H that is more muted and softer perhaps...... but still a nice contrast piece ,see my sisters like you i think, she buys all her bags in the same color range and she has a beautiful collection but out of her 6 or. 7 bags 4 of them are parchemin another is poussiere and another is tabac so I have now shown her the softer colors because her only black bag is a so black she just picked up ,but as I was saying, I showed her rose drage I showed her vert anis in ostrich and she likes them. so maybe darling what I'm saying is branch out a little try on a bit more color if not and if I'm just wrong about you do tell me. and as always hope it helps ,sending my best .birkel.
Feb 7, 2010
Thank you so much kim_mac, **Chanel**, birkel, lulilu, Adia Daphne, and etoupebirkin.

Talking about Chevre...I recently discovered that Chevre Mysore or CDC is very rare in size 32cm. Mangalore (sp?) seems to be more available in that size, but I'm not a huge fan of that leather.

Ebene and Maroon Fonce seem to be the popular choice here for now :smile: I think that my heart is closer to those two choices too (depending on the leather). I once saw a Maroon Fonce in Fjord in an H boutique and it took my breath away. I think that Maroon Fonce and Ebene both have a very warm undertone, but not too reddish like Havanne.

Birkel, thank you so much for the thoughts. I felt that I'm always a neutral bag person given that I have many statement pieces of jackets and shoes (McQueen and Balenciaga). I don't want to overdo it ;)


Enjoying Rain!
Mar 27, 2007
I love marron fonce in fjord, but I also adore graphite clemence as well. It would depend if you want a dark brown bag (then go marron fonce) or if you want a dark gray bag (then go for graphite). Since it sounds like you're leaning towards brown, go for marron fonce.


May 7, 2006
Your wardrobe sounds as though it is mostly black, buy a black Kelly, you can wear it in the day and the night, you will not regret black. I do not recommend color, even though I have them myself as well, black rules. Always chic. Leather your choice.


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Apr 8, 2006
Black question. Elegant, stunning, chic.