First Kate Spade-Not Sure What It Is

  1. Hi everyone! I bought my first KS bag at TJMaxx yesterday. I really fell for the color and shape.

    The tag says it's a Berkshire Rd Stevie in mdrnmgnta (557)

    Can anyone tell me if this is an outlet bag or FP bag? It did come with a dust bag. I googled a bit but couldn't find much info.

    TIA if anyone can share some info. Or point me in the right direction.

    Here's a pic:
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  2. Congrats! Love that bag! Super pretty
  3. Thanks! I really love the color and the shape. She's already loaded up and rode shotgun while I ran errands today. I really like this bag.
  4. Congrats, very pretty bag. If you look inside the zipper pocket there should be a white tag with style info. Once you find it you can call a store and ask them to help. The SA I have dealt with with my purchases have been wonderful and so helpful.
  5. Ahh, thanks, girl! I never even thought of that. I was confused because of the style number on the tag makes me think it's an outlet bag, but it came with a dust bag. I'm used to only FP bags (Coach and MK) coming with dust bags, lol.

    I will check out the white tag and go from there.

    Thanks agains! :smile:

  6. No idea about this particular bag but I buy from the outlets pretty regularly and always get a dust bag when buying leather. Only at Kate Spade, though, not at Coach. I'm not sure if that's the norm, but that's been my experience.
  7. Thanks, ladies! That does help a lot! I'm such a newbie to KS, that I wasn't sure about any of that. It's very nice that the outlet bags also come with a dust bag.

    The tag inside the zipper pocket and the tag that was on it in the store both have WKRU, so that definitely answers my question.

    If this bag is an indication, outlet bags for KS are much nicer than the outlet bags for Coach. That's awesome, and hopefully I'll be able to check out an outlet store when I'm on vacation soon.

    Thank you everyone for your responses! I appreciate your help! :smile::smile:
  8. Love the color
  9. Thanks! That's what first drew me to this bag - the color and then the shape. Full price or outlet, I really like this bag, so I'll be carrying it often. It seem to be a good quality bag, and that's all I care about. :smile:
  10. That bag is adorable and the color is fabulous for spring/summer.

  11. I LOVE this bag - gorgeous! Is it big enough to fit a file folder or is the opening at the top too narrow for that?
  12. And is it really as bright fuchsia in person as it looks in the photos? I hope so because I love the way it looks in your pictures!
  13. I love that color!
  14. Congrats that is a great find! My TJMaxx never has anything good. I have this same bag in a saddle tan color and I love easy to use. Enjoy!