first job? hmm

  1. well i applied to "janie and jack" (children's clothing store) yesterday...if i get it, it will be my first job!:oh: But, (i was trying to be honest here) i put that i have to take a week off at the end of july.(family vacation) I CAN'T GET MY MIND OFF IT!! Do you think it's a big deal?

    ahhh i'm so anxious to know if i'm hired. i hope they at least call me and tell me i'm not if they decide against it.

    ahh can someone comfort me possibly?? :shame:
  2. If you applied yesterday, you really have to be patient.
    The Manager needs a few days to look over any apps and set up interviews.
    If you're the right girl, the week won't make a difference IMO.
    I used to be a retail Manager and it wouldn't bothered me.
    But I'd wait at least 3 days before calling or stopping by to follow up.
  3. okie dokie :amuse: that sounds good, i don't think of these thing when my mind goes crazy. thank you! :heart:
  4. I know. . . I can be OCD too! LOL!
    Good luck!
    We buy lots of Janie and Jack in my house!
    Also, maybe you should apply at a few stores{?}
    If you like kids, try Stride Rite, Gap or Gymboree.
  5. heehee :biggrin: I applied to hallmark as well, but i think i will pick up some applications from other kids stores as well.:yes:

    thank you again, i appreciate it soooo much :heart:
    (i swear i'm not creeepyy hahaha.)
  6. you don't sound creepy!
    Oooh, you know what's fun!? A baby boutique! You know, the ones that sell expensive baby furniture and clothes!
  7. you should be a shoe in , especially right now is a good time to get part time job. the malls are usual hiring
  8. depending on how hard up they are for people, taking a week off in july won't matter. :smile: like swanky said, if you're the right person for the job, they'll work with you. :smile:

    good luck! it doesn't hurt to put in a bunch of apps though if you really want a job...if you just want to work *there* don't worry about it. :smile:
  9. swanky mama: that would be fun. the closest thing to that near me is pottery barn kids.

    heaven sent: what is a shoe in? :huh: and lots of stores are hiring! i'm just not 16 until july 31..right when they might not need help anymore! hah

    ilzabet: thank you:heart: i'm hoping noone else has really applied and they want me! hahaha but who doesn't, right? :amuse:

    i'm a lot calmer now. :flowers:
  10. Just give it some time!! hehe

    I know I was so nervous when I went to my first job interview this summer. Thankfully they offered me the job on the spot! hehehe, but I felt like I was about to die regardless!

    So I totally understand ;)