first job at retail store?

  1. how do you get a job at a clothing store if your just starting out. i mean i have my dentist gig full time three days a week, but i wanted to pick up a spare job, but i dont have any actual experience in apparel stores. what stores would give me a chance?:hrmm:
  2. Just be willing to learn.

    Plus, STRESS to them that you're motivated, organized & goal oriented (meaning you will try to sell , sell, sell!!).
  3. if you stress your customer service experience w/ clients at the dentists' office, your experience working with people, problem solving, etc. then most clothing stores will give you a chance (except for the high-end ones). also, looking the part at the interview helps a lot. let them know that you understand how to put an outfit together so that you can make recommendations for customers. my first retail job was at the gap.
  4. GAP, Bath and Body Works, and Express are all usually good about hiring people with no experience... a lot of my friends got their first jobs there (mine was at NY & Co).

    And I totally agree with Amanda, looking the part for the interview really helps as well. Oh, one trick they taught us was to NEVER point at something when a customer asks you where a piece of clothing is or if you have something in a certain color. You're supposed to take them to the item.

    Good luck! Working retail can be really frustrating, but the customer service experience is pretty valuable... where else can you learn to keep a level head while people are being rude, obnoxious, and demanding :lol:
  5. my very first job was at Alexanders and obviously I had no retail experience. Generally department stores are willing to give people with no retail experience a chance even some of the better ones but those generally dont put you out on the floor, but all give discounts some better than most of course but I see you're in Jersey so I am sure you will have no problem whatsoever and will enjoy it thoroughly seeing what your "day job" is-thru the years I have gone back to retail pt for extra $$$-good luck!!! meant to mention Macy's and Bloomies-if you are near them go there they'll take you with no experience but like Amanda said definetely look the part for the intertview:flowers: