first "IT" bag?

  1. I was wondering what the first it bag was? I know the Birkin or the Kelly bags have been iconic , but what was the first trendy bag that started this frenzy? Can anyone recall? And who wore it?
  2. How far back do you want to

    Audrey had a speedy in late 50's or early 60's, that's the oldest I can think of.
  3. IMO...the first "It" bag was the Marc Jacobs Stella (????), the one with the silver buckles on the pockets. Although I had a few designer bags before that, it is the first one that I remember everyone really dying to have. Bags like LV, and Hermes I think were bought before by the people that appreciated the brands, but MJ had everyone with money and without money wanting a bag that looked like his.
  4. keep them coming!
  5. This is really interesting!

    I'd also like to hear about when we think IT Bags became an IT concept, ya know?

    It would be amazing to go backwards and list the IT bags through as many years as we can, too!
  6. The 'it' bag in the early 80's was the gucci 'dr' satchel.
  7. I think one of the first VERY iconic high hype bags is the Hermes Kelly :yes: But this could date way back!
  8. I could be wrong, but I think it started with the Fendi baguette - that is the first bag I remember everyone wanting to have and seeing it on everyone's shoulder . . . and then they kept redoing them in variations so everyone was buying that same bag with with so many variations . . . the next thing I remember was Louis Vuitton Graffiti?

    Seems to me that it all kind of rev'd up with Sex and the City? And In Style magazine - because instead of having models "model" the bags, celebs became the models . . . and then suddenly everyone "knew" what they wanted to buy . . . But I don't remember the "official" "IT" bag designation until the Chloe Paddington? Others opinions please . . . I am interested in this thread . . .

    I mean Hermes and Chanel were always around, but an "IT" bag to me had to be "somehow" affordable by alot of women and had to be seen on celebs in mags etc, and we had to be able to actually see it around town, and seeing it while shopping, and to make us feel we had to have it . . . despite what people say about the exchange rates etc I think it is our DEMAND and being caught up in it all that drives the prices . . . and we decide what is the next it bag. (I am kind of tired of trying to figure it out ahead of the pack - trying to trust my own instincts and be happy in my own right - without having to have acknowledgement from the masses.)

    The vendors need to be smart enough to keep fueling the demand but not quite enough that there is a glut so that we all still feel it is a hard to get bag . . . and it is fueled by the media, internet explosion. Now I can go and view all the runway shows a season ahead. (I really feel sorry for the designers so much pressure ;)) I'm rambling . . .
  9. although i can remember a lot of bags like the fendi baguette and mj stella having "it bag status", the first time i remember seeing the term used was with the LV Multicolored bags.

    I'm sure it was used before then though, that's just the earliest i remember
  10. Exactly, not Iconic classics like Kelly or Birkin , I mean bags that everyone and thier mother wanted to have hanging on thier arm even if it was a fake:yucky: so probally the first IT bag was a Fendi or LV hmmmm
  11. LV and Gucci def. predate the fendi.

    Megs is right with the kelly, but rather than want that bag...people went for the style, the boxy hand bag.

    With the Gucci satchel, I remember all the my moms friend just 'lusting' after it and comparing the slight difference when the changed, and seriously debating which color combo was best...and showing them off when they got them...def. the it bag of the time.

    Boy did I think I was hot with my smaller Gucci, Vuarnets (the it sunglasses of the time), Polo oxfords, 501 botton fly jeans and Sperry!

    I still have my Vuarnets and Guccis :smile:

  12. I'd go with Gucci too as the bags that made an impact on 'ordinary' people in the 80s. I remember the most intimidating girl in my school carried a Gucci and it merely confirmed her status as Queen Bee!
  13. ^^^It wasn't me, I ;)
  14. I recall reading an article on It Bags that said that the first "it" bag was the Fendi Baguette...maybe they were referring to the 90s onward only.

    EDIT: I found the is the link:
    Carried away | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

    The "bags of the season" are toward the end of the article:

    Early 1990s - Prada's nylon knapsack
    With its plain style and designer label placed on the outside, the nylon knapsack let people who thought they were too cool to show off to - show off.

    Late 90s - Fendi's Baguette bag
    Too small, too expensive, too flash by half, the baguette was the inevitable bag of 1999, warning us all of the bling-bling apocalypse to come.

    2000 - Christian Dior's Saddle bag
    Shamelessly ritzier sorts paid out hundreds of pounds to wear a saddle on their backs. Yes, a saddle. An ironic homage to Helmut Newton or the nadir of misogyny as fashion? The jury is still out.

    2001 - Balenciaga's Lariat bag
    Small and simple, and with an appeal utterly incomprehensible to anyone not obsessed with fashion, this bag became a victim of its own success when the Wags adopted it.

    2004 - Mulberry's Roxy bag
    The bag that made the once staid fashion label into one of Britain's trendiest and most successful designer brands.

    2005 - Chloe's Paddington bag
    It has got a pointless padlock that weighs more than a small dog and it doesn't shut properly. None the less, this became the object of desire for fashion-obsessed twentysomethings around the world.

    2006 - Marc Jacobs' Stam bag
    Named after model Jessica Stam, with its quilted leather and chain strap this bag bore more than a few resemblances to styles one generally associates with Chanel.

    2007 - Marc Jacobs' Sonic Shopper
    Another guaranteed winner. It's cute, it's pretty, it's covered with crystals. That it will cost more than £4,000 is a downside negated by the fact that it will be very easy for the high street to copy.
  15. '50s: The Chanel 2.55 bag and the Hermes Kelly bag. The 2.55 bag was created in 1955 and the Kelly was created (or at least named, not quite sure) in 1956.

    '60s/'70s: Gucci. The GG logo was created in the late '60s, but the earlier styles (ie the bamboo handle bags, the signature striped bags, and the horsebit bags) were very popular.

    '80s: Probably Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. When Karl Lagerfeld started working for Chanel in 1983, he made all of the features of the bag (including the CC logo) larger and bolder. In the '70s, Gucci was known as being one of the most chic brands and only associated with the extremely elegant. By the '80s, it had become a household name and therefore lost all real exclusivity. But, it was still seen as one of the status bags to have since the name was so well known. Louis Vuitton's incredibly visible and recognizible logo (along with the rest of these) went a long with the consumption of the '80s. Bold was in and status was of a necessity for those who could afford it.