First In Metallic Pink?

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  1. Thanks
  2. That metallic pink first because is definitely not.
  3.'s fake..
    be careful ladies...
  4. Is the REAL metallic pink a *screaming* metallic, or is it fairly subtle? The Cricket pic looks nice. Not sure how much it would go with. I think I am sticking with the bronze. For now...
  5. I think it's fake. Depending on the year and season it's from, it could be real, but I thought metallics had matching hardware.
  6. I think this applies only to 2004/2005 metallics (magenta, red, orange, pewter[1]), as stated on AtelierNaff's website. Only these metallics have the hardware of the same color of the leather. This does not apply to 2005 metallics (pink, silver, pewter, bronze), which have silver hardware. Please refer also to; I've also seen them in real life in a legit store so I can assure you it's all true.
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