First In Metallic Pink?

The numbers look off to me...and the zipper doesn't seem to match to the bag properly. I would be really careful. You might post it on Seller Watch and see what they say.:wondering
Sorry, it's a fake.

First of all, there should not be a white Balenciaga tag attached to the bag with a strand of black hair. The white Balenciaga tag has a safety pin attached to a black string, and it is usually found in the front pocket of the bag, not attached to it. The zipper is incorrect. The metal plate is wrong: "Balenciaga" is crooked and inconsistent in size; the font on the numbers is not correct; I can't recall offhand what the correct letter is for the pink metallic, so I don't know if the fakers got it right or not. Also, look at the stitching; it is a mess. And lastly, the stamping of the numbers on the back of the tag is hideous. Both sets of digits are also incorrect. The seller doesn't even bother to photograph the strap. Everything else about the bag is completely fake, so she should have just thrown the strap in too.

I've seen this seller list several b-bags over the months, and they are always fake. She prices her fake bags at or near retail though, so I'm afraid there are people out there that may think they are real. Because a seller of fakes wouldn't price his/her bags that high, right? Despicable!
... Angst ... ya' beat me to it!!!


First ... look at the Zipper at the front of the purse. Notice that the material is a different color? The real bags don't have that ... they have the same color as the leather.

Second ... notice the tassles ... they are not tied correctly, and they are way too stiff for a real bag. Look at the second picture ... how "large" they are! Uggh ... Also, look at the zipper in this picture - geez, if you going to create a fake, at least use the same dye lot!

While the 3rd picture makes you start to *think* a little bit, the 4th picture clearly shows the fake again ... notice how LOW the "Made in Italy" is ... not on the real bags.

Someone should send this gal an email, telling her to pull her auctions (check out the other one that she has "Seafoam Arena"
... yeah, more like "BARF :sick: Arena"!!!!).

These are abysmal ...

DesignerBagLady said:
I never knew the first came in this color. " Like where have I been right." I think it's gorgeous, but is it real?

This is a bad fake but the First came in this color: here is one picture from the Cricket website (not sure they have it in stock, though):
It just makes me so sick to see people selling fakes like this, and of course someone will likely buy that bag believing it's real. I don't know how sellers like this live with themselves. :sick:
Muse said:
Is this site authentic?:shame: lists it as authentic; I know a girl from this forum has purchased a Bal-bag from there and it was the real thing; people living in the UK have confirmed that it's a famous store where the "footballers' wifes" go shopping and finally I have just purchased a silver City and talked to a very kind SA. I hope everything turns out ok. You can search this forum, people have discussed about Cricket several times. And by the way, I have this feeling that here in Europe somehow the hype around the Balenciagas is not sooo big so it is possible to find them more easily.
Then only problems is that the online stock is not updated at all so they don't have any left of several colors shown on the site. You must either call them or write them an email to enquire about their real stock! In the UK also Browns Fashion has Balenciagas; if you email them you will receive the direct link to their Balenciaga page.
I found a gorgeous green B-bag on eBay and the photo was OBVIOUSLY a stock photo, so I suspected it was a fake. I e-mailed the seller and asked if s/he could provide more photos and please tell me which green it was. S/he responded that the photo was "the only one" s/he had and the bag is "the standard green that Balenciage has every season" and that it is a great bargain and "sure to go fast." Glad to hear that Balenciaga does the SAME standard green for every season!:lol: I knew my "fake radar" was triggered for a reason!
^^^ I bought an apple green city from Cricket - as far as I can tell (and I've checked very thoroughly) its real. Definitely should email or call them to check the stock, but if they have what you're looking for you should go for it.