First Impression

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  1. Have not been here for so long... I have in my cart right now the RM First Impression in Auburn with a pricematch of 315.00, do you guys love it? I have not seem a lot of reveals with this bag, that's why I ask.... TIA
  2. pictures?
  3. I think it's a cool bag! I actually like the eyelets on it!

    Go for it if you like it!
  4. If you love it, go for it! I am generally not a fan of the eyelets tho.
  5. I love that bag! But I won't buy it because it irks me to have the eyecatching design of eyelets only on one side. I don't want to have to worry about what side of my bag is showing.
  6. I **think** MOB has this bag on sale and an additional 25% off.
  7. I think it's a cool bag too and I like the look of the gold eyelets against the auburn leather.
  8. I love the style of the first impression and the biggest seller for me is the thick/flat strap! It makes it very comfortable. I personally am not too big a fan of eyelets so I am glad they are only on one side. I don't like the eyelet bags much in pictures, however I saw an eyelet rocker at Bloomies in person and thought they were done very nicely :yes:
  9. Oh I didn't know the eyelets were only on one side of that bag...

    OP, if you love it, go for it! I like Auburn, it's a nice color
  10. thanks everyone...i will go for it!
  11. i think its really pretty and it looks very comfortable on the pics when u get it!!
  12. ^Yes and mod shots!