First I was down and now I am up!

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  1. So out of habit I checked the new listings on eBay and there was a monogram MOCA agenda newly listed for what I thought was a good deal considering they are selling for $900!

    I GOT A MOCA AGENDA! Sure it's not the multicolor but give me time and i'll snatch that up to! I am SOOOOOOOO happy!

    Now I'm just a little weary that I was too impulsive so help me out...

    $695 shipped..........................good deal? :sad:
  2. ok ya'll are scaring me...did I make a dumb choice!?!?!?
  3. If you love it and want it, then it's a good deal!!!!
  4. I think it was a great deal. and it was totally worth it.
  5. ~Ethan's Mommy~ Here's the break down :
    Agenda in basic Monogram...Price at $500 +tax=542.00
    Entrance to the MOCA plus parking/gas= Est. about $35.00 (depending the sz of car). That comes to a total of ~$577.00. You didn't have to stand in 2 lines~~~PRICELESS:happydance:Considering you're not from LA, well....that's a fair deal for you...esp. for the LIMITED ed.:tup: FYI, it's a PM size agenda. You cannot go wrong w/ limited ed.:wlae:FEEL BETTER???
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:banned:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'cause I bought something today that I shouldn't :crybaby:
  6. NUrseluvsLOUIE you are freaking awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
    I am pretty dang proud of the price..I am seeing the monogram going for $900 so I feel I did DANG good!
  7. thats a great deal! CONGRAT!!!
  8. Not even a little bit. Smarter by far to get it when you want it than to miss out and end up kicking yourself for letting it go. And if it came to the worst, for whatever reason, you could always resell it for as much as you paid.
  9. great deal! dont forget to post pics when it arrives!
  10. ok I am feeling good about this!
    Now what about buying the rond for $415...I just really feel that those two items at those prices are a GOOOD deal! And they were from the same seller so hopefully I can combine shipping!
  11. haha i think they are both great deals! i would love to own a piece of the MOCA line. hehe to rond is supercool!
  12. As NUrseluvsLOUIE posted to you regarding your agenda, the coin purse is retail priced at $270 + 8.25% tax which comes out to $292.28 plus admission to MOCA, parking/gas, etc., so $415 is probably a good deal on eBay. Just think, if you had hopped on an airplane to come out to L.A., you would be paying airfare, rental car, gas, hotel, and food expenses. You're doing good!!!

    Ok... now the MOCA Neverfull MM is retail priced at $915 + 8.25% tax, so go for it on eBay! Good luck!!

    And by the way, I met NUrseluvsLOUIE today at the MOCA with her friend!! She's the one that enabled me to buy my MOCA Neverfull MM since I only intended to buy the coin purse originally (I got both!!) I love how tPF brings everyone together!!!
  13. It's LE so it's a great deal!!!!! You didn't have to fuss with any lines or people and again, it's LE!!!!!!! Don't doubt. You'll love it once its in your hands.
  14. It's a very good deal. I thought around $800 was good but then again $800 for an agenda, that's more than some purse so I rather get the MC. However I love that little dude. I'm gonna wait 'till my aunt gets bored with it & she'll give it to me -- which is soon, just 'til Xmas.:yahoo:
  15. That's a great deal! You didn't have to fly + drive all the way there, right? It's limited, and at a restricted place, so you win! :smile: Post photos!