First Hermes Scarf

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  1. I really want a Hermes scarf, doesn't everyone? :graucho:

    Can anyone tell me what year this scarf was made? I thought it would be pretty tied to my black Chanel bag. What do you think?

  2. KT - Do you mean the one they have the detail of on their main page? The flacons?
  3. Maybe this sounds strange but to me using an Hermes scarf on a Chanel bag is a bit like mixing metaphors. I use Chanel scarves on my one and only Chanel bag. I should clarify that I would use an Hermes scarf on a non-Hermes non-logo bag.
  4. I've never mixed them, either, but II've seen it and it looks great! CB puts her Hermes scarves on her other totes all the time - FAB!
  5. IDK. I wouldn't risk buying a fake for the price they're asking when you can get them at The ones at you can't get in stores often times.
  6. oh! They're not fake! Luxury scarves are most def. real!
  7. louis, some of them are $$$ because they are discontinued and hard to come by. Some of them are collectors items :smile:

    Luxury-scarves are wonderful to work with, I can highly recommend them.

    However, you can find current issues of the flacons scarf (it has been reissued for this year's fall collection as well) on the Hermes website HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance
  9. I am thinking about buying my first Hermes scarf also. But I have a stupid question; are the scarves only for being tied on a hermes bag? I was wanting to actually wear the scarf around my neck. Do people do that? I don't want to look like an idiot if they don't :smile:
  10. definitely, scarves are there for you to actually wear them. that's what's nice with scarves - they can be belts, handbag accents, a top! you can make it anything you want!
  11. Some are horriofied at the idea of wadding a scarf up around the neck (that's exactly what I do LOL )

    Some wear the scarf as a folded triangle, gracefully perched over the shoulders, with no scarf ring or pin to affix it to the clothes, thia does display the design best

    Scarves are your imagination, so, do what YOU like, to heck with what everyone else does !

  12. One thing about an HS with an H bag - the colors tend to coordinate, eg it is easy to find a scarf that works great with a vert anis bag, or bleu jean

    It might be hard to find an HS in "Chanel" pink , but black & white scarves are available

  13. Thanks for your responses. This is good news since I will probably never be able to afford a Hermes bag! :smile:

    So what recommendations do you have for a newbie wanting to purchase their first Hermes scarf?
  14. PersonallyI would start at an H store or at so that you can get a sense of how different the same pattern looks in different colorways, see what kinds of themes H uses, and get a sense of the color options. I'd also check out the website listed above and e-Bay for a sense of the different patterns that are out there. If buying through e-Bay make sure the seller is on the H forum recommended list.
  15. Can someone model their hermes scarf? I'm curious to see how long it is when worn. Is it a short scarf around your neck?