First Hermes scarf purchase - recommendations

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  1. Hi Hermes Lovers,

    I am planning to purchase my first Hermes scarf, to be worn on the handles of a few of my favorite handbags. I am looking for orange or caramel color combinations. Do you ladies have any recommendations?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  2. If you are planning to use it just to warp it around the handles I think the twillys are better bc they are just the right size for that. The large scarf might be a bit too big for it.

    If you want to tie it to the bag maybe you can try a 70x70cm bc it's a bit smaller than the regular scarf.
  3. You can also consider pocket square.
  4. Use a pocket square or a twilly. There are some lovely suggestions on In orange there is la danse for example or in twillys the golf-ball themed one.
  5. On a bag? oh golly a Twilly is the easiest and I would go with a classic Keys pattern for your bags in the Teal which would be lovely on your many black bags or a redberries pattern in White background with redberries. Cheers!
  6. I agree. Pocket Square or Twilly.
  7. Pocket square or Twilly! The new Twilly with the multi-colored ribbons might be just what you are looking for! Lots of orange & browns!
  8. I second 70x70 opinion. I think it's more versatile than a pocket square.
  9. Yes.... 70x70 is a great scarf size. I hope they issue more designs in this size. It has become my favorite!
  10. I agree with everyone, a pocket square or twillies. I love the pocket squares myself.
  11. 70 x 70 is PERFECT for a handbag scarf because it hangs so beautifully and the extra length will give a flirty look!
  12. There is an ommibus in an orange colourway!
  13. I just picked up my first 70X70 yesterday and I love it! If you want to get a scarf that can easily transition to being worn by YOU and not just your bags, take a look at the 70X70.

    Although, when I was dipping my toe into the scarf waters, I started out with pocket squares and twillys. They felt "affordable" in that I wasn't laying out several hundred dollars on an experiment. Once I started to wear the twillys and pochettes, I felt confident enough to start full size scarved--and now I'm hooked!