First Hermes S/O

  1. Hi Ladies,
    After months of "lurking" in the Hermes forum ( I am always in the Chanel forum), I will be placing my order tomorrow for my first Hermes handbag. I will be ordering a Birkin, that is settled. What is not yet settled is the size, color and leather. I was thinking a 35, but I don't really need a "tote" size handbag. I am unsure about the smaller size, I don't want to go too small. I think I have settled on the clemence leather, but the color is still up for grabs. Of course i would love to order it in BJ:heart:-- but since it is my first and I do want to stay classic, I think I had better go with a more neutral color. I would really like the color to be brown, with some burgundy/red undertones. Any suggestions?
    I appreciate all of the info I have gained on this forum. The pictures, the color chart and the leather descriptions have been an invaluable resource.
    It will be an honor to become a member of the "H" club!
  2. Hi Penny!
    How about Rouge H? It would be a great neutral with the burgundy/red you are looking for. :yahoo:
  3. or the noisette? if you like to go darker, havanna?

  4. I second that suggestion! Rouge H is so classic!
  5. Rouge H in Togo...
  6. Hi Penny,

    I used to be a Chanel girl, and now I am converted to Hermes. If you go with size 35, I think Rouge H is a great choice. If you decide to have size 30, I would go with a lighter color. I like gold alot.
  7. Rouge H is beautiful and very classic.
    I love the noisette as well too, it's slightly a bit more brownish red. They have a leather book, maybe that will give you a better idea ? let us know what you will choose?
  8. Your fist H bag is a Birkin? Well, congrats however you did it! Rouge H is fabulous, togo is a gorgeous leather.
  9. Thank you so much everyone!!!!
    I saw the Rouge H in a JPG in one of the threads and thought it was a beautiful color. I also like the idea of a more brownish red, like was suggested in the noisette, I need to search the thread and see if there is a pic of a handbag in that color.
  10. I highly recommend Rouge H in 35cm too!

    This is taken from eBay ([​IMG]flossyfigaro):


    35cm Rouge H with palladium hardware
  11. I Definitely Agree With Rouge H:love:

    Best Of Luck With Your SO...I Can't Wait To Hear What You Choose!;)
  12. Your description of the color you want sounds like Noisette to me. It's a lovely, subtle color.
  13. I say go with your first love: BLUE JEAN! Trust me, if you don't get it now, it will haunt you until you do!:p Besides, it is classic, versatile, and beautiful. So I say go with a color that you will love and enjoy!
  14. Welcome Penny!

    I agree with jag - Blue Jean since it's your first love - but maybe stick with a 30 cm so that it can grow old with you. Blue jean togo or clemence with palladium and white stitch - yup!
  15. I do love the Rouge H, I am trying to locate a Noisette pic.
    Wow Jag & frenchie you really make a good point!!
    This is so enjoyable just trying to make a decision.
    Thanks everyone for the advice!!