First Hermes Reveal❤️

  1. Omg I did it!
    IMG_6839.jpg IMG_6841.jpg
    IMG_6845.jpg IMG_6847.jpg IMG_6847.jpg
  2. Congrats! You will find this a very versatile and practical bag and in a classic Hermes colour too.
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  3. great choice - bag and colour! i am sure your collection won't stop just here

    i have two halzans and i want more :smile:
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  5. Congratulations! Enjoy your beauty!!
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  6. Great choice! Congrats on this lovely piece!
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  7. Congrats on your first H bag!!
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  8. Halzan is a great choice

    and a very nice reveal, thank you
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  9. Thank you everyone, I took her out today, so versatile, lightweight.. this leather is astounding!in your experience has it gotten softer, does it keep its form over time? IMG_6866.jpg
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  10. My Clemence one has gotten softer as it was from the first few batches released, and unlined. My newer Barenia is lined and becuse of the leather, much stiffer. I think this bag is designed for a casual vibe and you should let it slouch and enjoy it.
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  11. Congratulations!! Your Halzan is beautiful!! Love mine to bits!
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  12. i too agree with @periogirl28
    my clememce one also got slouchy by just a bit which i do not mind, it keeps its shape; and the barenia one keeps its shape just like day 1
  13. Gorgeous! Many congrats.
  14. Congratulations...great style and great color...lots of versatility. Enjoy!!
  15. Yesss! it looks great on you! how exciting!!
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