First Hermes piece?

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  1. I think it's up to your style and what you wear daily. The Maxi Twillys really are great; the Chaine D'Ancre ring is a wonderful idea; and so is a Calvi or Ulysse. I think as a gift to myself I would choose something I would wear or use every day, so for me that would be the ring or useful small leather good in a great colour.
    Congratulations on your first H!
  2. Thank you!

    My decision could be between a bracelet and a maxi twilly....but...

    -I've a very very thin wrist: circumference about 5.9 inch (15 cm) so it's difficult for me to find a bracelet that fits.
    The clic H, my first choice, in pm size (diameter 6 cm) is too big for me... I lose it :sad:
    Hapi and Behapi are very nice, but I wash my hand 1000 times a day so it could be a problem to wear a leather bracelet...

    -The maxi twilly seems to be usable and gives a touch of "personality" at any outfit but at this moment there is not a maxi twilly that I like....

    Too much difficult! ;)
  3. Then you should keep saving ..... and buy something only when you have decided ...

    I would go for vintage CDC but I realize that's a very personal suggestion.
  4. A first H and a new job--congrats! Whichever one you decide, it'll be so memorable!

    Aside from the suggestions above, if you could stretch your budget a little or wait until a second paycheque ;), you could try one of these pendants. You would get a lot of wear out of it.

    Cache Coeur pendant

    Mini Clou de Selle

    Can't wait to see your reveal!
  5. What about this necklace piece? It's $385 and comes in a cube H too. Gold or Silver. So cute! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392357389.350021.jpg

    Also, no harm to other suggestion on pre-loved H, but in my opinion I would love to experience walking into an H boutique and purchasing something brand new, with the box, ribbons etc. Even if it's something small, it's just a wonderful feeling.
  6. I tend to celebrate work achievements with H so I would understand if you do not want to wait to save but want to give yourself a present now to mark the occasion.

    At a 15 cm wrist you can find H bracelet that fits - I have a 14 cm wrist and can wear an XS Rivale, XS KDT (some room in both but not too much), and S CDC. I have a Behapi that's a little big but wearable - but I have no idea what size it is as it was a gift and sadly I never wear it (don't like the H). So, you should be OK there.
  7. You get the point! :smile: I really would to buy somenthing now, for this occasion.
  8. For me, the best purchases I made as rewards to myself for work (that were not bags) were a ring, a bracelet, a Ulysse, and a maxi twilly. The first three you can wear/use every day and you can see them as you work :biggrin: I have a problem with the maxi twillys also (I only have one) as I don't really like any designs so far besides Cavalcadour and don't wear very bright scarves, so i see your issue.

    If you wash your hands a lot (I do too and I use a lot of lotion) you just have to be ok with the idea that a leather bracelet may get some marks. A silver ring won't have that problem, just needs occasional polishing. Good luck and BTW congrats on the milestone!
  9. I was in a similar situation and ended up with my preloved wallet, which turned out to be just the right thing for me. I personally would choose a preloved thing that's very useful over something straight from H that I wouldn't use daily. There are lots of Bearn wallets in your price range.
  10. I would like a Herbag!
  11. A new Herbag is out of my budget... but I could check for a preloved item...
  12. My first H purchase was a Ulysses notebook. 5 years later I still have it in my bag everyday.
  13. I second the suggestion of a scarf. If you're not set on buying something wearable, how about the Tarmac passport holder? I got one in a fun color to hold receipts and coupons in my bag. Or a coffee mug or breakfast cup/saucer set?
  14. Um I thought a bearn costs more than a few hundred.
  15. At the end I've made my first Hermes purchase!!!
    It's a pre-loved item in condition like new (:graucho: )
    It is arrived now, so when i'll be at home i'll take some pictures!
    Thank you to all for your suggestions.:smile: