First Hermes piece?

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  1. Congrats on your new job !! What about getting a Calvi card case ? It is leather and what Hermes is famous for. The price is $315 plus sales tax and you can use for either your new business cards as well as some credit cards on the other side. There are also many beautiful colors as well. There is a 'Gold' color one on today. Check it out.[​IMG]
  2. I recommend a Maxi Twilly. They're very versatile and Hermes silks are just beautiful.
  3. Would you consider a classic pre-loved wallet from a trusted seller?
    If the answer is yes, here is your first H purchase
  4. I suggest a scarf or bracelet -- both you can wear on your new job! Congrats.
  5. I'm guessing you're as confused as before ;) did you already have an idea? Did you want silk? Jewelry? Leather?
  6. A Calvi card case or Ulysse notebook. Both under budget and both the most useful pieces.
  7. a clic-clac, a Hermes must and a classic that will last forever :yes:
  8. Thank you to all!!!
    My first thought was at a scarf/maxi twilly but I also love small leather goodies like.
    I usually don't use bracelet but... love H bracelet so much!
    I've just a credit card holder by LV.
    I'm also interested in pre-used item....
    I'm so confused!!! :smile:
    Thank you for all your suggestions!
  9. I love the bracelets too, but they usually stay only 5 min on my arm: typing on a computer beyboard is not bracelet-friendly ;)
  10. If you can stretch your budget, get the clic clac. You can wear it more often than the scarves. Plus, it's jewelry!
  11. What about a H cage necklace? They are below 400 and you can wear it everyday
  12. Behapi bracelet ! I'm planning to buy my first one this week though I do like the Kelly dog but not sure if they are still around
  13. My first thought was scarf or bracelet. The bracelet can be worn more often than a scarf without looking repetitive but I have to say the scarves can be paired with a t-shirt for a touch of class, individuality. One scarf will lead to another and another so be warned and the new season of scarves has me wanting several. Congrats, btw and have fun H shopping!
  14. I'd go for a behapi! I have a reversible tour simple one from years ago and I wear it all the time. It's a simple classic!
  15. How about a fragrance?

    Here's a thread to help: Does the H devotée wear H fragrance?