First Hermes piece?

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  1. Hi!!
    I'm new and I need your help!
    I would like to gratify myself for a new job and I have thought to buy a little Hermes piece.
    My budget is around 350/400 $ (so there are not so much choices!! ;) )
    What do you think is the best first piece for this budget?

    Thank you!! :smile:

  2. A twilly? So versatile, can be worn on wrist, a bow on the handle of a bag, a hair tie, a neck tie. Comes in such happy and pretty colours and designs too!
  3. If you don't mind stretching a but more, I definitely recommend the silk scarves for $410. At least that's what the price of them were when I visited Wall St. last week. Not sure if the price increase has kicked in since then....
  4. definitely a classic H carre scarf!
  5. Thank you!

    I really love the twilly but i had LV bandeau and I sold it...

    Perhpas the MAXI twilly would be more usable? In Europe the maxi twilly is about 350 dollars like a Carrés 70.
  6. Maxi twilly or horn pendant necklace (Fidelio, Lift or Isthme). They are in your budget and beautiful.
  7. How about a leather bracelet? I bought a reversible Behapi (so it's like getting two!) and I've literally worn it everyday since. I think it was $325. I get a lot of comments on it.
  8. horn pendant (lots of options to choose from), hapi bracelet, or you can save a bit more and get a narrow enamel bracelet
  9. I also second the classic 90 scarf. Classic H piece in variety of colors. But if you could stretch your budget a little bit, I would do the Enamel Clic H bracelet, they are $650 USD after the price increase but everyone knows it's H!
    Good luck and btw... I started out just like you, it can be addicting.
  10. I'd go for a silver ring or a scarf.
  11. I would buy the chaîne d'ancre ring, or a slim enamel, or a carré 90. good luck!
  12. i vote for Twilly, but like the other poster said ClicClac for $650 would be great as well, I love my clic clacs
  13. I think the narrow Clic clac bracelet would be a beautiful piece which you will get a lot of use out of :smile: keep us up to date on what you decide :smile:
  14. Maxi Twilly, a happi leather bracelet or a lift pendant are all within your price range and all very enjoyable pieces. I own all of them and I couldn't recommend them enough. What will you wear the most? A scarf, a bracelet or a pendant?
  15. A scarf would make a lovely first.