first hermes - kelly or birkin?

  1. to commemorate my hitting a "certain age" recently, I was jumping between being practical - getting yet another prada or chanel as a work tote, or getting my first hermes instead. Needless to say, my heart ruled over my head, and I have decided to dip my toes into Hermes! That being said, I am struggling between the Kelly or Birkin - I like how understated the Kelly is, but the Birkin seems more versatile. I am really torn between the two, so suggestions are welcome :smile:
  2. The birkin sounds like its a better choice for you....

    And by the way fashionculprit I have seen many young girls who look quite

    chic carrying their kelly's....from the 28's to the 35's.. and the kelly pochette

    is smashing, IMO!!
  3. Both are great choices in my personal opinion and I own both. I do not consider the Kelly a mature lady's bag...perhaps that is a preconcieved notion back when it only was produced and seen in offered in black (or other neutral) box leather (which is lovely - do not get me wrong)...

    Today they come it great youthful colors which many of us embrace with no shame. Kellys are actually more fashionable, I would say, than the Birkin as they are less "popular" at the current moment. The cutting edge is long gone with the Birkin. And I openly admit this despite my personal preference for the Birkin (but only by a very, very little bit) and that preference is due to the differences in the bags' functioning.

    I would say you should give some thought to the purposes of your bags. One thing to keep in mind about the Kelly versus the Birkin is that with the Kelly it is more of a hastle to get in and out of. I am a "hurry and go type of person" so I need fast access and loose patience with fiddly things when I am busy. And while you can carry the Kelly open, much like the Birkin where you fold the flap inside, it does eventually cause some distress to the bag and its shape.... I hope this helps somewhat!!!
  4. You mentioned getting a chanel or prada as a work tote. If a tote is what you are looking for, go for a birkin. If you want a kelly, which can be a bit of a hassle to open, close, open, close, it is still a stellar choice! It is just so dang classy with any outfit, casual to dressier. Think of it how versatile a C flap is. There are few, if any, places it looks out of place. (Okay a ball gown, nix.)

  5. thank ladies for all the suggestions! Erin, I would really appreciate it if you can show me your Birkins :smile:

    What I am looking for is something that is versatile which can bring me easily from day to night, since I travel often and I don't wish to carry multiple bags for different purposes. Is either one heavier than the other?


    I know what you mean about the C flap, it's one of my better investments bag wise (god knows how much money I have spent on seasonal stuff in my younger years). I love the bag in your avatar, is that a gold kelly?
  6. i thought i would want the kelly since i didn't like the idea of hand carry only but now that i have a birkin, i like it better. i use mine in day and evening but i have a b25 (which fits plenty for me).
  7. The birkin is MUCH easier to get in and out of. Also, with the kelly, unless you strap it fully you can't really put a lot in there for fear of breaking the turnkey (or whatever the thing is called). At least, I was always afraid of breaking it.
  8. the kelly works very well from day to evening .. its just a very classy

    bag.. look who it is named after..
  9. Birkin for sure!
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    Purchasing a Hermes is a major commitment of funds. Most people here research the decision to death. Your suggestion that people show you their Birkins make it sound like you have not done much reading here. There are 7 zillion pictures of Birkins posted here.

    I would like to make you aware of the reference section which has picture of styles, colors, and leathers. In the clubhouse section there are threads that are odes to the birkin and to the kelly. Both are very informative.

    Your post also does not show any awareness of the difficulty in purchasing these bags in Hermes boutiques. Please let me point you to this thread.

    I do not mean to rain on your thread, but honestly, my suggestion is that you do more research. No one can tell you which is the best bag for you. It is a very complicated decision that should be driven by your heart after you understand more about each bag.

    If I have mis read your level of prior preparation, I apologize. Just ignore my post.
  11. +1

    As soon as I read tote, I thought Birkin.
  12. I agree, I read tote and then travel and thought Birkin! That is what I got first and love for work. Next was an Evelyne for the weekends and this fall will be my Kelly. But you should go an look at the books, do the research suggested and talk to a nice SA. If you are informed about the brand it will be easier to talk to the SA. They can be dismissive if you walk in asking for either bag as if they were just on the shelves. Then again, you could be very lucky walk into a store and a bag is just there - this has happened to me 3 times in 6 years (in the US). Just be prepared to wait, it will be worth it. Welcome to the H club. All the best and Happy Birthday!
  13. Birkin!
  14. Definitely do as much research as possible, both on this forum and in an H store if you can get to one. It is too big of an investment to act in haste and then wish you had gotten the other bag.

    Personally, I love the Kelly, in spite of its "fiddley-ness." I like the looks of the Birkin, but simply cannot do a hand-held-only bag. The Kelly's shoulder strap gives it more versatility. The Bolide could also function as a hand-held tote, but also has the shoulder strap.

    Then you get into different sizes, leathers, and colors, and the choices are dizzying -- or they would be, if the bags werent so darn hard to get. But definitely find out all you can -- as someone else said, there are a gazillion pics on TPF to help you out.
  15. Birkin for sure!