First Hermes ~~Help me choose

  1. I'm thinking to get mine first Hermes bags but I dont know what should I get! I'm thinking to get a envelyn but there is so much color and different leather to choose from. What should I get and what rest of you recommend? Since this is my first Hermes bag I want it to be perfect so that I wont regret in the future!! Please help me decide!! And if you have the modelling picture of the bag that will be great!!! :wlae:
  2. It's a HUGE choice as these bags are so expensive and so hard to come by!!! I hope you live near a boutique so you can go in from time to time and try on a variety of bags and take your time deciding. It's VERY easy to get carried away and buy the first bag you try, but please don't - it's not easy to sell these and get back all your money. Selling at a loss is an expensive learning experience.
  3. Hi,

    For 1st timers, I suggest you get Picotin. Its a well designed and functional little bag, with good features to boot. You would get to enjoy using the bag and enjoying the leather at the same time.