First Hermes Experience

  1. Haha dont get too happy, because I didnt walk out with anything :P

    BUT, I wanted to share my first experience at Hermes! I was always scared to walk into an Hermes store, because of some stories I heard about people's experiences. I walked into the Hermes botique (sp?) in the Bellagio at Las Vegas. Usually when I walk into a designer store, I look for the youngest female SA possible. I looked around a bit, then the sweetest lady walks up to me with a HUGE smile. I forgot her name unfortunately but she was the sweetest. She walked up to me and didnt ask if I needed help, but she asked how my day was! I answered back with a huge smile. Then I asked if there were any Birkins in store, but she said unfortunately no, but we have a Kelly. She pulled it out the shelf, and sat it on the counter. I tried to open it, but I couldnt so she did it for me. It was gorgeous, but I wish I was looking at a Birkin! Anyways she made my first visit there great, hopefully I have more experiences like that, but actually walking out with something :yes:
  2. So glad your first visit was so much fun! Now that's the kind of service I love to hear about!!!! :yes:
  3. Thanks for sharing!! Maybe Las Vegas is getting the hint...if you know what I mean!:yahoo:
  4. Sounds like a very good first experience! What Kelly did the SA show you? Did you catch the Hermes via Bellagio thread?
  5. Glad you had a pleasant first experience at Hermes! I'm hoping my experience this coming June in Vegas will be just as good as yours *fingers crossed* ! Oh yes, if you could please describe the Kelly you saw, I would appreciate it :flowers:
  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Service is definitely getting better at the Bellagio!
  7. Glad you had fun! Do you know the specs of the Kelly you saw? :smile:
  8. The Kelly was Lime Green leather with Silver hardware, about the size of a Speedy 25.

    Haha sorry for all the non-expert terms.
  9. No prob! Sounds like a Vert Anis 28cm with palladium - NICE!
  10. sounds like for once a nice experience!