First Hermes: Double Sens or Evelyne?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to venture into the world of Hermes very soon. For those that own both bags or tried on these bags before, which do you prefer and why?

    I read that the double sens is heavier, is it a lot heavier? I am looking to purchase one of these bags in the smaller size. If I purchase the Evelyne, most likely I will want to wear it with the strap shortened by a twiggy ;).

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi dear!

    On a whim, I recently purchased an Evvie and it turned out to be an awesome decision! I :heart: this hands-free bag and wear it all the time!!! My Evvie is Epsom so the leather is fuss-free and VERY light. I also love the options to wear cross body or over the shoulder using a twilly. ;)

    I have never considered a Double Sens as I'm not fond of the shape but I'm sure others will chime in.

    Good luck deciding!!!
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  3. my vote is also for the Evelyne. it's light, easy to use, and functional. the only downside is that it doesn't close completely so you have to be somewhat vigilant in using it. i love the exterior pocket, too.
  4. First Hermes and you narrowed it down to those two choices? Well then I would pick Evelyn. I own both but the bigger DS.

    This would be my reasoning:

    - Evelyn offers a lot of color choices that are attainable as a first time buyer so you can really get a color you love. For DS while you can get two in one colors because it's reversible which is nice, it's not always available in all color choices. And I believe the smaller ones have even have less choices and I don't see them as often.
    - Evelyn is lighter but if you're getting the smaller one it may be not be too different.
    - Evelyn has a pocket. Yes it's outside but it's nice that it has one at least one to throw a mobile phone or something small in and easily accessible.
    - I like the hands free option if needed.
    - The con vs the DS is that I do think it holds less. But if you don't carry a lot anyway then Evelyn is fine.
    - Not sure if this is a pro or con for you but the DS can be more under the radar since it has no H logo whatsoever except for the stamp if you wear it on the outside. The Evelyn can be turned with pocket on the outside if you don't want to show
    it tho.

    Hope this helps you decide. Good luck on deciding and enjoy shopping for it. H shopping is fun and addictive!
  5. I think for your first H you should get an Evelyne. While I love the DS, I think the Evelyne can be more versatile with the shoulder option( with Twilly) as well as the messenger style of course. Good luck, and can't wait to see your reveal!
  6. i agree completely with dessert1st! i have both the DS and Evelyne (2 Evelynes). love them both for diff reasons, but if i were getting one i would def go for the Evelyne, crossbody, pocket, colors, low-key, functional and stylish - it's my most worn bag style of any designer. looking forward to a reveal!!
  7. They are two very different bags. Do you want a smaller bag that can be worn cross-body or as a shoulder bag, or do you want a large tote bag? How much do you carry? Which one will you use more?

    I resisted the Evelyne for a long time -- didn't like the perforated H -- but now that I have one, I really love it. I wear it with the H facing my body. It's such an easy bag to use. I have a PM and will probably get a GM as well at some point. Yes, the top is open, but in Clemence, it kind of forms to your body and the opening is not large enough to tempt pick-pockets, if that is a concern.

    I love the way the DS looks on others, but it's too shapeless and deep to work for me. When I need a tote, I carry an all-leather Garden Party, which is also a fabulously versatile bag.

    Let us know what you decide!
  8. Two very different bags IMO. I own both, Evelyne PM & DS ( large size), don't think I've had a situation where it's been one or the other... Love to have my hands free with the Evelyne when traveling or with the kids. I love having 2 bags in 1 with the DS... I have traveled with both as my carry on purse; the DS was better because it fit more but the Evelyne was practical because I had my hands free to grab a kid or a suitcase.... Both are understated, and in a pinch both have made it to a fine restaurant. The Evelyne is lighter in weight even mine which are Clemence as is the DS. If I could only have one, it would be the DS.
  9. Phew! I thought I was the only one. I like the Evelyne but that H has me turned off. Jypsiere is a good alternative, but it's way more than I want to spend on a simple cross body bag right now.

  10. I think the perforated H is meant to be the backside. I like the Evelyne too, but the H turned me off before too! But after seeing the fabulous ladies here, the Evelyne is on my wishlist this year!
  11. I love Evelyne! It's a great bag and I love that it's cross body!
  12. I'm sure we're not the only ones who like the Evie but aren't thrilled with the H. Some people say the bag was originally intended to be worn with the H facing in. I just find it more subtle and more more easy -- I like the outside pocket to be truly outside -- it's easier to access that way. Now that I've had my Evelyne for a while, the H doesn't bother me anymore. :smile:
  13. i think once you get used to wearing the evelyne, you'll always have the pocket facing outward for easy access to phone or keys. i can't imagine flashing the big H to the world either :P.
  14. Evelyne hands down because it is quite an easy to use messenger bag. The Double Sens has no closure is more like an addition to a regular handbag.
  15. Wow, the Evelyne is winning hands down. Thank you all for your valuable input, it's much appreciated!!! I will definitely be doing a reveal once I get the bag.

    *opps made an error... It's a twilly ;).