First Hérmes buy?

  1. Hi Ladys,

    this ist my first post here. :smile: But read the new posts every single day.:smile: I live in Munich, Germany. I´m a stay at Home Mom and Single. My son is 2 and my daughter is 6.:heart:

    I want to start with Hérmes, what is the best buy under 150$. I never walked in the local Hérmes Store in Munich, but the SA look so snobby and arrogant. What is your suggest to me? :confused1:
  2. Welcome! You could start your collection off with a beautiful Twilly or Pouchette! Both are under $150 and so wonderful! I would also go to just to familiarize yourself with the products so you feel more comfortable at Hermes. But regardless, you should absolutely go and enjoy everything at Hermes and just keep looking until you find an SA that you feel comfortable with. Remember, they are there to serve you, not the other way around! Go and have fun! And don't forget to report back so we can celebrate your first purchase!
  3. Welcome to TPF.

    I am sure that some of the ladies here will have some excellent suggestions for your first purchase. It is a slipperly slope, so enjoy and have fun! A twilly or some fragrance perhaps...
  4. Don't let anyone intimidate you. You are the customer! Have fun.
  5. Thank you so much:woohoo: :woohoo:
  6. I agree - perfume or a beautiful pochette scarf! Also, you can get a small Ulysee Agenda for around $150...
  7. Do you have a pic from the agenda? How small is it?
  8. Have to agree with Greentea on the above!^^
  9. Welcome Birkinfan. I think that the cute leather animal bookmarks are around $150.
  10. great suggestions from GT
  11. Welcome to the H subforum......... and pls dont be intimidated when you go to the store, you are the customer...
    for me, perfume or pochette or twilly....
  12. If you go in with some knowledge and excitement about Hermes, you'll have a wonderful time! The SA's love that!

    I love all the suggestions so far. I love the idea of getting a Twilly or a Pocket Square. The small agenda is going to be pretty small, so if you're into that, very cool!
  13. Welcome!!! :yahoo: I agree with all of the above suggestions. Also, I think the Hapi bracelet (single) is around $150.
  14. My first H item was from a TRUSTED REPUTABLE seller on eBay. You don't have to get your first item from the shop. Good advice to look at their website. Also you can learn a lot here, and from the eBay listings of what items are for sale.
  15. I saw a face towel and it costs $35 here! Perfumes range and mugs are +/- $150 too. The twillys and pochettes are pretty and I bought one for my first H too.