First Hermes boutique experience


Jan 26, 2007
Yes, i am totally new to hermes and god knows how many time i have walked by the hermes store in melbourne but never have the courage to get in. Not just because i found that it was kind of intimidating but also i knew that their price range is not something that i can afford at the moment. Well, today i finally step my feet into hermes store.:P In the display window were a gorgeous black kelly with silver hardware and some colorful Herbags. As soon as i step in, a nice SA lady approach me with smile on her face and kindly asked me if i was looking anything in particular. I asked to see some mens belts and bracelets(yep, i am a guy). The belt were so gorgeous and elegant, but i didn't really like the colors they had in store. And then i looked at some bracelet, nothing really caught my eye besides the collier de chien bracelet.Suddenly, i saw a bag that could only live in my dream and i could feel my heart was jumping like crazy:heart:. Yes, it was a birkin!!on the display shelf.:drool: i guess it was a birkin 45 or 50(sorry, i am not so familiar with the birkin sizing yet), in dark brown grained leather with silver hardware. It was my dream bag right in front of me, the color, the size...i admired looking at the birkin for about 5 seconds then i forced myself to walked away, 'cause i knew there was no way i could afford it right now, so i didn't even bother to ask for the price.Plus, i don't want the SA think i am just another crazy birkin fanatic.

I ended up didn't buy anything(i didn't plan to buy anything anyway), but overall, my first Hermes experience was great and it was glad to know Hermes SAs were nice too.:rolleyes: i should start saving my money,and hopefully i will have my first hermes piece in not long future.

Quinn's Mom

Smell the Togo
Jan 29, 2007
Glad to hear your first venture into Hermes was a good one! I did not buy anything either my first visit, but the store definitely left an impression!

You will go back...and I'm sure buy something you love.

Perhaps give the SA you spoke to a call and let her know the belt you are looking for exactly. I'm sure she will appreciate you remembering her.
Feb 26, 2007
Oh, well, you are doomed now! That first whiff of Hermes leather and you're hooked for life. Do not be surprised if that bag comes back to you frequently in your dreams. I always think that Hermes belts look spectacular in an understated way on men but you are right to be fussy about colour. All the best.


Aug 26, 2006
Welcome! What a lucky fellow you are to actually see a Birkin on your first trip into Hermes. It's wonderful to hear you were treated graciously even if you didn't buy anything. Sometimes it is just fun to poke around and see things at the store before choosing to save up for something in particular. Best of luck on your Hermes journey.