First Hermès Bag Reveal. Looking for Dream Bag, found Holy Grail Bag

Jun 29, 2013
I've been looking for a herbag as a college graduation gift from me to myself. After i wasn't sure if i should pull the trigger on the japanese herbag (here: [thanks again for all your help!]) i was looking for another herbag.
I was always in love with the kelly but just knew that it wasn't an option in the near future (or far future for that matter)

The lovely QuelleFromage told me how i should keep on looking on Collector Square, as i shouldn't worry about fakes on this site as well as it's located in europe, and that they also have herbags. After searching the site suddenly a beautiful vintage Kelly popped into my sight! It was totally affordable (for a kelly) but i knew that if i got this one i will have to eat rice for the next month (little exaggeration), but my mom totally encouraged me to get this bag, as that's my holy grail bag! So i got it!!!
I literally screamed when opening the box, as it was just so beautiful, yes it does have some imperfections but thats what it gives it character and makes it so perfect to me.



Jan 10, 2016
Big congratulations to you!! So nice to get the bag you have been longing for (and what a nice encouraging mother !!!!)

I laughed and can relate to "eating rice" for hermès :giggle::giggle:

Congrats on your bag and your graduation !! Enjoy it in the very best of health
Jun 29, 2013
Thank you everyone! I still can't believe this beauty is actually mine! I'm just so happy with her. It's been exactly 5 years after buying my first designer bag (louis vuitton speedy = my school graduation gift from me to me :biggrin:) then my chanel classic flap for my bachelor and now my kelly for my masters ! I have never done a bag reveal on purseforum, but this one needed an honorable debut!

Thanks to everyone for helping me and complimenting my bag :smile:
Jan 15, 2011
Yaaayyyyyy you got it. Classic box calf 32 and retourné. I love box calf retourné - it's a little roomier and more relaxed looking but the box leather keeps the Kelly shape!
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