First Hermes Bag ever <3 kellllllllyyyy baby

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  1. My first kelly and im luvin it !!:heart::heart:
  2. gorgeous, congrats!
  3. WOW, LOVELY!!! Enjoy
  4. Beautiful! Congrats...

    Details and a modelling shot?
  5. enjoy enjoy enjoy. very nice.
  6. beautiful Kelly-Im luvin it too!
  7. Many congratulations on your really lovely Kelly and enjoy your first outing together.


  8. Lovely. Details, details.
  9. Wow, beautiful! :drool: Congratulations!
  10. beuatiful, i am so happy for you. is it in togo leather?
  11. YAYYYY!!!!!!:nuts: Beautiful choice!!! ( My first Hermes bag was also a gold kelly!:heart:) Congratulations!:drool:
  12. Congrats on your Kelly. The color is so pretty. What type of leather and the name of the color?
  13. [​IMG]

    Gold togo, ghw? size? Lovely but i need the stats!
  14. just gorgeous.
  15. Lovely, ultra-classic Kelly!! Congratulations! :heart: