First Hermes! Any Advice - am nervous!


Jun 30, 2007
I checked the hermes site. I've noticed they do not sell bags on line so I am going to the store to check some out- my range is up to $10,000. I am nervous because I have heard stories of Hermes employees telling customers they can not look at the bags, and being rude. I do okay finacially, but I did have to save for my first hermes. any advice?
There's a great thread started by Suzana on the next page about advice on getting her first's on page number two....TPFers have great wisdom! So read through that and you'll have a great idea of what to expect. Just FYI, San Francisco is my "home store" and I've literally spent over $100,000 there......and get treated so badly I never go in there anymore. Other people i know do just fine. Please, please let me know how your experience there goes.......i'd be very curious to see how things go. They let you look at bags, but have to take them out from behind glass, and if you ask them from other colors, sometimes they tell you right off ,"no, we have no other colors" (like if they deem you unworthy of buying anything), or, "i'll check to see what's available." When they come back with the color choices and you tell them which ones, they will bring the precious boxes out for you to see the bags. Then you can decide on what you want. It won't be a Birkin, though......they never show those bags to anyone but their best customers. Good luck, and report back......i'm dying to hear!!!!!