First Hello Kitty, now Playboy .... what's your verdict?

  1. Look what I found, a Playboy Inclusion Bracelet :p

    No clue from when this is/was (I tried the Playboy online store, but there were none to be found)



    I think it's kinda cute, though I'm not really feeling the color :p ... but it's a nice alternative if you like the look, but not the $$$ this baby is only something like 15 bucks :shame:
  2. If it was pink it would be all mine!
  3. lol, yeah, that's what I was thinking :p
  4. Not a fan of playboy stuff here but yeah it would have been cuter if it was in pink :yes:
  5. I think it would look cuter in pink too
  6. neither am I, but I think that this isn't the in-your-face-playboy style, KWIM? The bunnies seems rather subtle (if you can say that about bunnies :p) ... but I'm so undecided .... I think I'll bookmark the link for my SO :graucho:
  7. Haha that looks funny.
  8. I liked the hello kitty one better
  9. do you have a link to the hello kitty one?
  10. Lol yeah I liked the Hello Kitty. But these kind of bracelets have been done for quite awhile. I have one from when I was little that's pink lucite and has large pieces of glitter in it. I still like it hehe.
  11. I think I would rather have the Hello Kitty one if I couldn't afford an actual LV one. Playboy accessories are sort of tacky in my opinion. I always see them on 15-year-old girls who are dressed like hookers.
  12. Here's the HK one, it's about 130$:

  13. The Hello Kitty one is so cute!
  14. but I wish the HK one was "more inclusion", KWIM? ... except the fact that HK and LV rings are clear, they just aren't the same style to me at all :shame: