First Hello from Paris

  1. Hi Ladies:yes: ,

    I'm a little bit impressed : it's my first post in the Hermes Forum:shame: ...

    I"m 33 years old, I'm living in Paris, and I'm completely crazy for bags.

    My addiction begun with LV Epi, then (and still Balenciaga) ...

    and now I've planned to offer me for christmas one of my 2 dream bags ...A Chanel Classic Flap or...a Hermes !!!

    I've done some research on the Hermes library (so rich, thanks Ladies for sharing your knowledge:flowers: ),
    and I think I almost find my Hermes dream bag....

    But could you help me just to be sure ????

    I think I would love to have :
    1) A birkin : because I could use it as tote and shoulder bag ???(impossible with a souple Kelly) ???
    2) 35 cm : perfect medium size for an everyday bag ???
    3) Black ...or maybe gold ???
    4) Togo : the most durable leather (scratchproof) ????
    5) Hardware : palladium for black (and Gold for gold) ????

    And of course, if you have an idea of the price...

    Thanks for your help ladies:flowers: !!!
  2. Welcome! Your English is just fine. Your choice of bag sounds great but just so you should know, a 35cm Birkin may not work as a shoulder bag unless you have very skinny arms.
  3. Thanks Hermesgroupie !!!

    I don't have skinny maybe I should go for a souple Kelly ?????
    What are the main characteristics of these 2 bags...
    or advantages / inconvenients (pro and against ???).
  4. Well, these are just my opinions. It would be good to hear what everyone else thinks about these two bags. The Kelly does come with a shoulder strap, but most people consider it a dressier bag than the Birkin. It also holds less than a Birkin. However, the Birkin is harder to get despite its more casual appearance.
  5. I agree that the birkin will not work on your shoulder -- I love the kelly but as a handbag and do feel it's a little more dressy - love the birkin for the tote style! 35 would be too large for me but that's really a personal preference...Color? Well black if you're a black girl...and if you prefer something lighter, the gold would be a good option. I love the indigo color for something slightly different - and raisin for a good dark color! Leathers? Whatever you can find!! Togo is great and smells wonderful...HW - same thing - personal preference...welcome - and good luck!
  6. Welcome from Paris! I love what you've picked so far--35cm Gold or Black Togo--good choice. In the U.S. that would run about $7,400. I'm assuming it will be less in France.

    Birkin is a bit more casual and great for everyday if you carry quite a bit in your bags, and it's more of a hand-held tote so if you need your hands free you may want to consider the Kelly or another shoulder bag like the Massai or Trim. In the end I think it boils down to your style and how much you carry.
  7. HI and Welcome! I'd give anything to be in Paris right now. And since you live there, I'd recommend the Kelly as your first Hermes bag. It is THE quinessential Hermes bag and can go very casual to dressy depending on the color, leather and hardware. Perfect with jeans or a nice outfit for dinner. How about a 32 cm Retourne Kelly in either black or Gold Togo? It will hold a lot and you can use the strap when you need a hands-free option.
  8. Also, adding to what the lovely orchids, said, the Birkin is awesome and the 35cm holds a lot but it's VERY heavy in Togo. I have one and can never fill it to capacity. It's quite bulky and can sit on my shoulder for about a minute but I'd never carry it there.
  9. Bonjour :flowers: 35cm Black Kelly with gold hardware. Tres Chic!Has the shoulder strap and will hold quite a bit. Avec la pochette ou twilly,aussi! Magnifique!:yahoo:
  10. :flowers: Welcome! Your English is excellent (and MUCH better than my French!).
    I think these styles are so different that you might need to go to Hermes & try them on you. They may not have a birkin of the right size on display but they will definitely have a kelly. You will know straight away whether you are in love with the style when you see yourself carry it. I agree that the Kelly is a more formal style of bag; but you can also make it more casual by getting it in sellier and a bright colour. :yes:

    A 35 Birkin is about 4950 euro in Paris and a Kelly is less - maybe 4000?

    Please keep us updated on your H travels!
  11. Lucky you, I think you live in the perfect place for getting an Hermes bag. I think it makes sense to start with a Kelly too, given that you'd like to be able to use it as a shoulder bag as well as hand-held bag. I would recommend a 32 Kelly, retourne (soft style), in black or gold togo. I have both a black Kelly and a gold Kelly and I use the black a lot more, I think because I don't worry much about it getting dirty. But gold is a lovely color that goes with so many things and will take you into warmer weather when you don't want to carry a black leather bag.
  12. welcome!

    U r so lucky to live right next to the mothership store! i think the previous posts all gave great answers and i also agree ur choices are beautiful! Good luck finding ur bag!
  13. welcome. Your choices for your first birkin is same as my but I think you will get yours sooner since you live in Paris and they have a lot more stock there.
    Since you live in Paris I am wondering which is the closest metro station to the mothership?
  14. -----
    I think Concorde or Madeleine are the ones closest to the mothership...
  15. I think so too, Wellcome fromparis