First Hello from Paris...

  1. So far I was just a Bal Girl (cheating with Chanel)

    but since I'll join the Fendi family soon

    (hopefully on Monday:graucho:),

    I wanted to send you a first Hello from here:yes:

    and to thank you:heart: for all your invaluable posts

    that made me

    discover and appreciate Fendi :heart: ...

  2. Welcome to the Fendi section! We promise, you won't want to leave! teehee

    Remember to post pics of your new acquisition! :yes:
  3. Aw welcome!

    Can't wait to see your new purchase.

    One will never be enough though!
  4. It's so lovely to see you on the Fendi forum!! A Balenciaga and Fendi addiction is the best kind!! Looking forward to seeing your purchase soon!!:yes:
  5. Welcome!!! I absolutely love this section!
  6. Welcome.
  7. So what are you getting?
  8. :yes: :yes: exactly what HandbagAddict said. there are many of use who love both Balenciaga and Fendi (especially the Spy). If you love great color and babulous leather, then it's Balenciaga and Fendi all the way!

    Welcome, Fromparis!
  9. A Big welcome to the Fendi section cannot wait to see your new bag
  10. ahh P.. uve come to the dark side!!!!

    teeeheee.. i hope you love your fendi as much as your bbagas
  11. welcome!! :biggrin:
  12. cant wait to see what your new Fendi purchase will be :biggrin:

    any clues for us ;)
  13. Thank you for all your kind words !!!!!!!!

    I agree with you HandbagAddict and Deco : I think there is a kind of logic in loving Bbag and Fendi...There is a lot of variation in leather/color from a bag to another one that makes each bag so unique IMO....
    And a Clue for Chloebabe : my bag is a classic ;)
  14. Welcome to fendi- trust me, pretty soon you will be bouncing all over these boards!
  15. Welcome over to this side of the forum. :flowers: Can't wait to see your new bag!

    I'm a huge spy fan who's admired Balenciagas from afar. I'm thinking my next purchase will have to be one of those! :graucho: