First handles

  1. Can you put the handles over your shoulder like the city or are they tiny? I've never tried on a first IRL. TIA.
  2. i can *barely* put them over my shoulders, i only do that when i'm super tired from holding them or I need both arms to fight through the sale crowd at the mall =P
    my godsister is 17 and skinnier than me alot and it fits through her arm..but it just looks kinda funny..
  3. i can fit them through my shoulders.. but i have what my friends call 'little chicken arms' lol
  4. ^^that's cute. I doubt I will be able too then.
  5. I put the handles over my shoulder, but it is a little tight.
  6. I can wear my Firsts pretty comfortably on the shoulder. I don't think it looks too great, but it's practical if you need to be hands-free in a hurry. I think if you have thin arms they'll fit.
  7. ^yeah, i agree that it doesn't look too good - esp. if the bag is pretty full.
  8. I can fit the handles over the shoulder, but it's really close to the armpit and in the summer I don't want to sweat on my bag :yucky:
  9. thanks ladies, you're so informative. How about the twiggy? Is the same as the first as far as putting it on your shoulder (with the handles)?
  10. Yikes, some of you ladies must be TINY. I'm 5' 6" and pretty small boned, and while I can fit the purse handles over my shoulder, it definitely isn't comfortable. I doubt it would work at all if I weren't wearing summer clothes.
  11. You can wear the twiggy on your shoulder, the handles are larger.
  12. I like putting mine over my shoulder too. But, only when it's not stuffed.

    I'm a small person though.