First Handbag

  1. Hello Ladies! It's been months since I joined TPF. I've yet to really sit down and get to know some of you. :smile: I'm a new Mommy and between my little girl and trying hard to lose weight(i'm stuck right now. but 8 lbs. more to go), I really don't have much time to enjoy this forum's my chance hehehe Anyway, I was wondering what handbag you first bought for yourself.. designer or not. :smile: and why you bought it.

    My first would be a coach handbag when I was 16. I really wanted a burberry one but my mom thought it was too much hehehehe
  2. Ohhhh I can't remember my first handbag. My first "nice" bag was most likely a Coach. I can always remember LOVING bags from a very early age though. Congrats on the baby! :cutesy:
  3. Welcome and congrats on the baby!! My first purse was a Coach bag in 7th grade! He he.. and I just continued from there!
  4. Thanks Ladies... :smile:
  5. Welcome MAGs! I'm a new mom too with a 9mos old daughter. Don't get me started on the baby weight/weight loss thing. If I spent as much time exercising as I did lurking around tPF, I'd probably be a size 0 by now. LOL.

    I don't remember my first bag but I remember my first designer bag... it was an LV monogram canvas pochette. It was very exciting as it was my first time in an LV boutique!
  6. Hi and welcome! I can't recall the first bag I bought myself. Some kind of wicker bag in Florida, where I went to h.s. The first bag with a "name" was a Stone Mountain bag--lots of pockets, zippers inside and dividers--I was forever looking in the wrong spot for something. You can have too many compartments!

    Did you ever get a Burberry?
  7. boxermom Yes, i did! Freshman year in college heheheheh.

    bleeaptn I have an 8 month old :smile:
  8. mine was a LV monogram speedy 30 - it was £145 in 1988. Now they are £310!
  9. Welcome!!!:flowers:
    mine was a dooney after college graduation.
  10. my FIRST special bag was... a louis vuitton papillon 19... i was 17 years old :P
  11. My first nice handbag that I bought for myself was a Coach bag that I bought when I graduated nursing school 3 years ago. It was my graduation present to myself. I was almost reluctant to spend that much money on a bag. I never would have thought that I'd be so into Louis Vuitton and Chanel (and willing to pay that much money) only a few years later.
  12. Welcome! Mine was a Coach a few years back.
  13. My first bag was a Marc Jacobs Zoe, which I still have. Congrats, I am a (somewhat) new mom too! I have a 13 month old daughter. Don't worry, you will lose the weight. I finally, finally, just lost the last 7 pounds within the last few months (but I hardly ever exercise, so maybe that's why it took so long :shame: ).
  14. My first designer handbag was a Fendi baguette, black with black beading.
    I don't remember my first handbag either, but I think I was in 6th or 7th grade, I am sure it wasn't remarkable.
    In high school, I had a burgandy red clutch bag.
  15. Welcome to tPF! My first $$ bag was a tiny black leather Coach, purchased at Nordstrom's. I thought ~$200 was a LOT of money to spend on a purse! Little did I know...
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