First H&H bag

  1. I just purchased my first H&H Bag, which I had to research and thanks to tpf I know it is a "Mercer" bag. I received it Saturday and can't believe how soft the leather is. I absolutly love it! I've had a few balenciaga bags and was even bidding on a white one but lost. When I saw this it reminded me a lot of the b-bags, the leather, tassels. It is just as soft as a b-bag, reminds me of a First or twiggy.
    I love the lining too and it has so many compartments. Being white, I'll use it from now until Labor day, then put her away. The only thing that was missing was the luggage tag but that doesn't bother me at all. Just wanted to share, thanks!
  2. Very pretty! I had a bag in Chalk leather - it's soooo soft and marshmallowy.
  3. that looks lovely Lorebunde. I've read that chalk was a amazingly soft leather.
  4. Congrats! It's definitely boxy like a Twiggy!
    You should spray the bejeebus out of it with something like the Wilson's TLC protector. It'll help repel dirt and stains and make it easier to clean.
  5. very pretty!
  6. that is gorgeous!
  7. Fab pics and welcome to HH ownership!!!
  8. Thanks everyone! Just noticed I typed in H&H, lol Not sure why I did that.
  9. Congrats Lorebunde!

    I think that HH's white bags are super-sexy, especially this one.