First H bag. To buy or not to buy

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  1. Hi guys,
    I’m looking into buying my first Hermes bag and I’m going the pre-loved route. I went in and saw 2 Birkins today a black WGH and what I thought was red WGH until I got there. When I arrived the red looked more coral in person. It’s a 2010 and the black which was from 1996 had been previously dyed so the sales assistant recommended the coral one. I didn’t take pictures (although I should have) but I added the picture that was on their website. I don’t know much about the leathers but I thought both were Togo except the coral bag was really slouchy and didn’t hold its shape as well as the black. I’m assuming it’s Clemence after I did some research.
    Anyways I wanted to know what people thought of the coral-y color and also about the Clemence leather. Also, I’m not sure what the retail of these bags go for. What’s a good price for a Clemence leather B35?
  2. I’ve added pictures of the Rose Jaipur and Rouge Pivoine that I found online. These were the most similar pictures I could find of the color. I’ll ask the sales assistant to send me pics and post tomorrow.
    809CB1B2-C15C-49DD-82AF-3698CDEF9674.png 7C16C6BF-A8DA-422B-BB70-4D029304751C.jpeg
  3. It sounds like you are not head over heels for either bag. My advice would be to wait until you find the one that takes your breath away.
  4. So many factors you're unsure
    I suggest you do more research and reading before committing
    Color- only you know what suit you your wardrobe and skin tone
    Price-how desperate you are to obtain it
    Size and leather- it's all bout individual preferences
    Happy deciding
  5. So I would say there are many ways to get a bag thats preloved... buy a bag you can't live without that you are going to actually wear.

    When you can't leave without it you will know its the one.
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. I was really hoping the color was like the first picture and more closer to red. I think that’s easier to match than coral.
    As for price I have no idea what the bags resell for on the pre-loved market. The ones I saw were about 6K.
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  7. 6K in what currency?
  8. When in doubt, don't. Simple. Even if you loose out another opportunity will come along.

    Look online at as many bags as you can, to get a feel for the market.
    The Authenticate thread on here is well worth studying as well.
  9. Yes. Great advice.
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  10. USD
  11. Thanks! I’ll keep searching and check out more options.
  12. You may want to check other reputable resellers and compare the prices. You will find that 35cm Birkins are priced considerably higher than 6,000 USD.
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  13. The store I checked has Birkin bags anywhere between 5K to 52K. I know they range in price a lot depending on material, color and year produced but they’re also consigned so sometimes it depends on how much the seller is willing to receive for it. There’s only a few in the 5-7K range but the consignment store is a reputable one. I’ve bought 4 Chanels from them so I trust them.
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  14. Neither sounds like “the one” for u..Do more research and more options will pop up down the road?
    As for rose Jaipur..just want
    To say that it’s quite an easy color to wear. My wardrobe consisted of neutrals and I was skeptical about RJ, but surprisingly it went with everything.
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  15. Well then there you go, you’ve found a trusted reseller with amazing Birkin prices. Good luck in your search.:smile:
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