First Gucci

  1. Hi All~

    I'm looking to buy my first gucci and I really don't know that much about them.

    I would like to know what your favorite everyday gucci is...something you can where with jeans or casual dress. I'm looking for something medium sized. I really like the light brown color with some of the green/red trim on it...

    I figured all you Gucci fans could give me some solid advice.

    Thanks! :drool:
  2. Maybe something like this?

    Or I really like this style.
  3. I'm really liking this one...

  4. ^ that's very pretty! :yes:
  5. what do you think of this one??

  6. Love this one...[​IMG]
  7. Oh, I LOVE this one too...I just think it's a little higher than I want to go :wtf:
  8. You might want to try a tote that has a neutral color you can wear to work, a causal day out or for evenings.
  9. Very nice!!!!

  10. Thanks! I think I'm going to try for this Abbey Hobo while in Italy in will mean so much more getting it there :heart: