First Gucci Sunglasses!

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  1. I went to the Nordstrom's Presale and picked up a pair of the Gucci bamboo horsebit sunnies (I don't know the actual name of them). I was debating between an equally nice Dior pair or this one but in end, this one suits my face a lot more. Besides my mom was with me (she picked up an MJ bag btw) and she was my critic.


    The only thing is that they're a bit heavy. I got them for $149 down from $325!
  2. Oh gosh, they are SO pretty! I cannot BELIEVE the price! I might have to get to Nordie's! Were a lot of the Gucci glasses on sale for good prices? I need black lenses and large frames.
  3. I have the larger version of these. You are right they are heavy!!! I love them though, and they are gorgeous glasses!!! You got a DEAL!!! lol Mine were $450! Enjoy! They are soooo pretty!
  4. I think there are a couple of other styles and I think there might be one with black frames and I know for sure there is one with dark brown very large frames. That one I was also debating about as well but realized they just look so overwhelming on my head!

    edit: thanks sunshine and beenie!!!
  5. Congratulations! Lovely sunglasses!
    I love gucci sunglasses, I have bought a few in different colors and models.
  6. Very nice! CONGRATS - love them.

    Do you happen to remember if they had any rimless styles on pre-sale???
  7. Thanks flipchickmc and ayshaa!

    I don't think there were any Gucci rimless sunnies but I'm certain I saw a few pairs from different designers.
  8. It looks good.. do you have modeling pics!! It is a very good deal too!! Congrats!!!
  9. Very nice G, you scored!
  10. GD, I like the bamboo detail. I bet they look even better on. Excellent price!!
  11. Thanks aeonat, GTOFan, and NoKnockOffs!

    Here's a pic of me wearing the sunnies. Taking a pic of my face was pretty tough and I could only get half of my face in there - had to go through a bunch of blurry ones first but by then they were getting lopsided!!! They're comfortable and they actually stay on my face which is a plus!
  12. very nice! congrats on your new sunnies!
  13. nice sunglasses!!! congrats, they look great!!!
  14. Thanks smvida and muchiko19!
  15. Really Cute I like the bamboo style!