First Gucci purchase???

  1. Hello everyone

    I'm looking into purchasing my very first Gucci after my "shopping strike" is over:yahoo: :wlae: ...can you guys give me advise on what my first Gucci buy should be...I would really appreciate it:yes: ....TIA
  2. Welcome to the Gucci club!

    It really depends on your lifestyle. Are you the active type, usually just grab and go? Or you are the professional type who needs a big carry-it-all bag? Or you love to go clubbing and want a small bag out? There are so many good choices, so little money...:rolleyes:
  3. welcome to the gucci subforum. would love to give you suggestions but need more info like beejerry said.
  4. oh the professional/school girl i would like some large....but i also would like a cute bag to carry out....
  5. Thanks beljwl...

    I want to stay under $1000 for my first Gucci child
  6. Beljwl suggestions are great.

    The Jolicoeur is a classic, you can't go wrong with it. But the Princy is hot! hot! hot! The little bow is so adorable. They are both around $850 that should fit into your budget.

    The horsebit hobo (what its name) is really popular now, everyone wants one.
  7. Thanks you guys....

    I need to find something for my SO our anniversary is coming up and I want to buy him Gucci, he really does deserve sense in me walking around looking fabulous alone.
  8. I have to agree that Beljwl gave some great suggestions... I'm getting my first Gucci bag on Monday and I went with the Jolicoeur tote, I'll post pis when I get it.
    The abbey tote and princy totes are my other favorite bags for Gucci!!!
  9. No, I have many to choose from:yes:
  10. I understand about wanting your first Gucci purchase to be under $1,000. I still find it hard to swallow paying more than $1k for any bag or shoes. That said, I am a grad school student and just purchased a Gucci messanger bag. It isn't huge but it allows you to be hands free while carrying your books, etc. It has a long adjustable strap too. Oh, and it's WELL below $1k.
    Something like this?

    I also saw this bag in the Gucci store and I think it would be ideal for what you explained & it's $695.:

    My other suggestion would be something like this... which would be nice enough to carry during the day to work & school yet also cute enough to wear out with heels, etc (it's $725)
    Or, if you like a more hobo shape:

    You have MANY options under $1k :smile: