First Gucci Purchase Help?

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  1. Hi Everybody!

    This is my first time posting in the Gucci forum, I have lurked a little here and there and it seems you all have a lot of good things to say about their products. The winter sale is going on at the moment, and there is a pair of shoes that made me gasp! I don't own anything gucci, mostly LV, Burberry, and Coach. So, how do you ladies like the shoes, flats especially? Do they hold up well? Do they come with a warranty, and if so, how long? Do the shoes come with dust bags for when you travel?

    I am thisclose to buying the patent interlocking ballet flat. :graucho: Thanks!!!
  2. I own Gucci shoes. No flats, all heels. I have pumps and tall leather boots. All of them are made very well and hold up extremely well ( but I'm not hard on shoes to begin with). All of my shoes came with dustbags.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I :heart: Gucci but came relatively late to shoes and boots but now own about 6 pairs.

    I have heels, boots and lace-ups but no flats. Sergio Rossi make Gucci's shoes (and Alexander McQueens too) so they have expert knowledge and the finest shoe-making skills. My BF also wears Gucci and we both swear they are the best, most durable and soooo comfortable.

    I have found Gucci have excellent GS but I've never had any problems with shoes to test them with a faulty pair. I know you can get Gucci soles re-soled (and have done) they can also put on a rubber sole if you're going to use them every day.
  4. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! I think the pair I ordered have leather soles, so the rubber sole option is something I will look into once I receive them. I am so excited and nervous, I hope I like them! Will post a reveal once they arrive next Tuesday since I was not able to find a reveal of those shoes on here.
  5. Thank you! It does :smile: I ordered them. How can I resist a shoe sale, and PURPLE patent leather??
  6. Please do, we'd all love to see. Hope they fit because I'm sure you'll love them
  7. Well I ordered them true to size, so, fingers crossed! I am used to my flats being a little snug at first them stretching out a bit.
  8. Their flats are sturdy, you'll be happy.