First Gucci purchase: every day or occasionally use?

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  1. Hello all :smile:

    If you were thinking about your first ever Gucci purchase, would you go for something you could use on a daily basis or only for weekend/occasional use?

    Basically, I love too many Gucci styles :rolleyes::lol: I can't decide if my first purchase should be more of something I would use everyday or more for occasions.

    I love the Sylvie bag and also the Disco and the shoulder Soho and the lady Web original GG shoulder bag and perhaps I should stop here :lol:

    What was your first ever Gucci purchase? Would you have preferred to have chosen a different style as your first purchase?

  2. My first one was a black disco and a few more followed immediately after that. No regrets whatsoever! I used it A LOT whenever I'm out running errands and because it's black, it matches all of my outfits. It's a great first piece for a Gucci virgin IMO. It's so versatile and practical. I've just given it a break this season because I abused it a lot and I don't want to ruin it (plus I want to give my other new bags some attention too :P).
  3. My first (and second) Gucci purchase are disco bags! Didn't take much notice of Gucci until I chanced upon the disco bag. More of a weekend bag for me as I need a bigger bag for daily work.
  4. I would say I would go for something that's versatile or for daily use. My first Gucci purchase was a classic gg canvas messenger and I'm still in love with it! :hbeat: the only thing I didn't take into consideration at that moment was the Canvas fraying and color transfer which hasn't happened to mine yet. I tend to baby my bags a lot though. So I think the disco would be the best option it looks pretty roomy for everyday use and you could use it for the weekends too!
  5. When buying Gucci it's important to cross-reference your favourite bags with how quickly things are likely sell-out as well as wants/needs

    I have 50 y o bags that are going strong so make sure you love your first, it could be with you for a very long time ;)

    I would go to Gucci if you can and try things on as you may well eliminate 1 or 2 from your list

    I have a Disco and practical Gucci bags and they are great for everyday but I also really enjoy having exemplary pieces than Gucci do so well.

    The Sylvie is a popular bag, if it is a 'must have' I wouldn't like it to get away in my chosen colour.
  6. I would opt for what you need. My first Gucci piece was a wallet (gifted) since my fossil wallet at that time was showing wear and looking dingy. My second is the disco, since I really wanted a crossbody that was compact but roomy enough to fit more than just a WOC could. So it's really up to you!
  7. The Sylvie is currently sold out in red online which made me worry a little.

    Thank you all so much for your recommendations and advice. I think that I would love one I could use every day and that is versatile.

    Do some models truly sell out?
  8. :yes:

    Especially in popular colours, not only bags but shoes and RTW too

    I bought the last eelskin Jordaans in my size in the UK in any colour.
  9. I can't remember when I bought my first Gucci bag as I've been around a long time and started buying high-end designer bags in 1980. But, I have quite a few Gucci bags and the ones that I love and own are the gorgeous bamboo-handled backpack with the bamboo toggle, the bamboo-handled classic with the flap and the bamboo-closure toggle and the bamboo-handled shopper (great bag).
  10. My first Gucci purchase wasn't made until this year -- it was the Boston supreme from the Asian inspired Tian collection. I wear it occasionally, mainly because it's actually a larger bag than I first realized and when it's not fully loaded, it does look a bit caved in on one side. However, I still love the bag and the Boston shape with its zip top closure. I'm seriously considering getting the smaller Boston in one of the Blooms patterns (along with the Blooms slip-on sneakers, I love those!). I almost bought the bamboo-handled shopper in the Tian pattern -- it was seriously gorgeous -- but I needed a bag that closed completely rather than an open top shopper.
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