First Gucci purchase...crazy deal!!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Just picked these up at Neiman Marcus LC for .........$38!!!!!!!!!! great price right??:tup:

    i'm pretty excited. does anyone have these? do you love them??? I must admit they are not my typical style but I couldn't resist!!!:yahoo:

    Thanks for reading.:wlae:
  2. Wow! Are you missing the some 0's at the end of the price! Good Deal! :tup:
  3. Awesome deal!! I love em!
  4. Thanks! I am pretty darned happy too! :yahoo:
  5. WOW..that is amazing! How did you get so lucky?
  6. WOW!!! and i thought i was lucky for getting a 150$ pair of are extra extra lucky!! how did you get such a great deal

    they look great!
  7. Wow am I happy. I wore them today and they looked so great! I even stopped by the local Gucci boutique and they said they look like this season's style!@! They didn't know for sure but I'm happy nonetheless!!

    Big :tup: for Gucci!!!:heart:
  8. Very cute!! That's a steal!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  9. wow! what a steal!!
  10. WHAT!!! How is this possible??!! I can not buy Gucci sunnies for any less than $300 -$400 in Australia. That is amazing..... lucky you.
  11. I really don't know how i got so lucky. I have been looking for nice sunglasses for soooo long now. I fell in love with a pair from prada ([​IMG]
    but they were out of my price range even on ebay! I have bought tonz of other glasses and returned them b/c they weren't just right.

    but these- wow. they would be a great pair even at a higher price! They have the gradient that is so great on me. Brown which I need and best of all they are :yahoo: GUCCI!!!!

    I am over the moon and thanking G-d right now:rolleyes:
  12. cute glasses. great deal.
  13. wow what a great deal...and glasses are super cute..
  14. Wow! those are Gorgeous! congrats!!!