First Gucci, please help me decide!!

  1. Hi all, I've been looking for my first gucci tote. I finally have enough $$ and found a couple I like (will be w/ the white leather trim). I currently have the LV multicolore pochette and it is toooo tiny. I need something bigger but not TOO big.....Here are 3 totes I have in mind, please choose which you would get.



  2. My vote is for #2. Spacious but not too big. Sweet and simple.
  3. I agree, #2 is a favorite.
  4. I totally agree! This one is my choice too
  5. no. 1 for me :smile: i've seen the eclipse bags and im not really a fan of them.. i just find the straps too thin, they remind of gift paperbags.. but just choose whatever u find you love the most!
  6. All 3 are nice so it is a toughie. I guess I like the shape & color of #1 the best. My second choice is #2. Please let us know what you decide!
  7. #2. I have that bag in black and I love it!
  8. get number 2! it's simple not too big and not too small althought the shape of number 1 is nice as well.. GOOD LUCK!
  9. i like the second best.
  10. I like #1 and 2.
  11. why does my computer go to the homepage? argh stooopid thing, which bags you thinking of? if its not too much trouble to describe them, or give me a page no. on handbags and will deffo check them out im interested lol
  12. Definatley #1
  13. I would go for the #2 brown. #1 is too bland and #3 is too plain. Welcome to the Gucci club!
  14. i go for the 1st one.. it's also leather trim.:smile:
  15. 1. Luggage (Totes) Page 3, 1st one in the middle row
    2. Handbags (Classic) page 11, 2nd one in the middle row

    =) thanks