first gucci bag

  1. hello! this is my first guci bag!:nuts: i have no clue whatsoever about gucci. could you tell me what a good bag is? my price range is 550-800. and i really like the classic gucci fabric!:love: its so cute! hope y'all can help!:yahoo: :nuts: :tender:
  2. There's a whole bunch of Gucci bags on the Gucci website that fall into your price range. See the attachments below to see a few of them I've pulled off the website for you.

    I've put the price into the attachment name.

    Personally I really like the horsebit hobo.. but I pulled a variety of shapes/styles because I'm not sure what kind of bag you were looking for?

    Something more fancy for going out or an everyday tote?

    Anyways, I hope this helps!!

    HAPPY SHOPPING and let us know what you decide on!
    Gucci $570.jpg Gucci $595.jpg Gucci $695.jpg Gucci $750.jpg Gucci $795.jpg Gucci $795_another selection.jpg
  3. Here is a pic of a Gucci I bought a few months back. I think they are selling it in brown now.
    gucci bag.jpg guccib.jpg
  4. I say horsebit hobo all the way! I LOVE that bag so!!
  5. Those are some great options jadacee! :yes:

    I personally like #2, #3, and #4 the best - I like bags with more structure. But that's just me!

    Whatever Gucci you choose, you can't go wrong!! I LOVE Gucci bags!!! :tender:
  6. i vote for either #2 in white or #5!!!
  7. yes i say go for the horsebit hobo, it is one of my favorite Gucci bags!
  8. I like #3! But then again, i'm biased since I just got that one in black a few weeks ago.
  9. I like #5 for a first gucci bag!
  10. # 3 of that grouping is my pick
  11. yay i love no3 too i got it in that colour combination last week and its a totally fab bag! it holds its shape alot more than i thought it would and although it doesnt have a zip closure it is bought in together by two leather strips with a button attatchment. It had a large zip pocket inside and your arm covers the hole at the top anyway.

    its a fab bag and since ive been lugging around my speedy for months non-stop its sooo handy to have a shoulder bag now ive used her non-stop :biggrin: im in looooooove:love:
  12. I vote for horsebit hobo
    It's really gorgeous
    And it becomes my most frequently used Gucci bag
  13. They Are All Beautiful Bags ~ My Favorite Is #5 (Horsebit).....I Also Love Elongreach's ~ That A Beauty! :smile:
  14. Heres one more that also falls into your range!

    It's about 650ish, and I love this bag...hold alot of crap!!! :heart:
  15. The majority of my bags are Gucci. I always get compliments on the large horsebit and the green bouvier bags. Good luck! Buy the one you love and not the one the SA tries to talk you into buying. Alot of times what's on the site is not as pretty as it is in real life. SO your mind my change once you get in the store. That's happend twice to me already. Happy shopping.