first gucci bag help!

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  1. hi! im looking for my first gucci bag for everyday, and wanted to get TPFers advice!

    im deciding between these 3:
    (1) large tote with signature web double handles

    (2)large collapsible carry-on duffel with double signature web handles

    (3)'jolicoeur' large tote with double straps, signature web

    i love the signature red green handles, and need a big bag for everyday essentials.
    what do you think would be best?
  2. I really like number 3 the Jolicoeur it is really cute.
  3. I love #3! The other 2 look like work bags, but the jolicouer looks like it can be used to work and play! Very classy!
  4. Yep! I like #3 also. Sorry I don't own any of them, but think the jolicoeur is pretty. It doesn't have a zipper, open tote. I have been wanting one of the large duffels, but I don't think I would want to carry it everyday.
  5. I will say # 3 :yes:
  6. (3)'jolicoeur' large tote with double straps, signature web
  7. jolicoeur for me, too. tell us what you picked.
  8. thanks everyone for all your input!! it seems like the jolicoeur is the best~ im going to think a lil bit more. when i buy, ill def post!
  9. for an everyday bag, def #3. I had it but sold it to one of my gf's. She loves it.
  10. #3 ftw
  11. I love all three bags, I would go with either 1 or 3. I am trying to find #2 in silver or gold and I have #1 in gold. I will buy #3 one day...just waiting for the right color. I liked the pink but didn't buy it. Now I regret!
  12. joliceour definitely! it was available in pink and it was ON SALE! i was really really stupid to have let it pass me...
  13. I like number 3 :tup:
  14. (3)'jolicoeur' large tote with double straps, signature web

    -- for me too.. it is good for everyday use!