First Gucci and oh so proud of it! pics =)

  1. I went to Holt Renfrew to check out the LV speedy and was a bit uncomfortable with having to hold that bag all the time. As I was debating whether to get it, I wandered to the Gucci store and I saw this! I tried it on and I looooved it! This is my first Gucci. I love love love it!! I love the pink/gold strap! Speedy will have to wait!




  2. congrats, its so pretty and girly!
  3. OMG!!!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Cute!! I have a couple of Gucci's with the web strap and they have held up great! They're some of my favorite bags!
  5. Very cute! Congrats!
  6. This is so cute!
  7. thaaanks! I like that it's cross body style..sooo convenient
  8. That is sooo cute! I love the strap colors too. I didn't see it at Gucci when I went there today but then again I was looking for a much bigger purse :smile:
  9. What is that bag called? I want it.
  10. congrats on your new purchase... so pinky...
  11. So pretty! Congratulations!


  12. I called to ask for the name but the SA told me there's no name to the bags in the 'luggage' collection. I don't know if this is usually the case since this is my first time buying Gucci! If you go to and go to Travel and Business, under Fall/Winter, you'll find the same bag but with the classic red/green strap. On the site, it's called the medium messenger bag. Hope this helps!
  13. It's so cute! I love the gold and pink! Congrats
  14. Congratualtions on your first Gucci!

    Was it on sale?
  15. ahhHHHHHHhhhHHHhhhHhhhhHhh... GIMME!!!! i love this combo with the pink/camel/gold. i want the waist bag in this combo just LOVE it!!!!!!! :drool:

    ps- modeling pics??

    pps- OMG it is NOT on the US site! WhYYyYyyYY!!!