first GST what colour ???

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  1. i have a black lambskin 2.55. planning on getting a :heart:gst :heart:next month. what colour would you recommend?? i am a new mommie too:yes:
  2. It would depend what color do you normally wear, if you wear a lot of neutral color, beige, brown..etc. I think brown one is really nice.
    Black is always in style and easy to match outfits too.

    Both color are deep and easy to take care of.
  3. I'd say the tan/beige.
    I almost always see black gst's.

    You already have a black bag, so again, I say beige since it's also classy and neutral.
  4. I like it in white!
  5. i would say black, because it's more versatile, but since u already have a black flap, u can consider getting the white, it's so beautiful.
  6. Now that I think about it, white is beautiful.
    I'm not sure how easy it gets dirty though etc as I've never had a white bag..
    I tend to like white bags in smaller sizes though
  7. Maybe because you have a black one, you'd do better with another color, but I always use my beige bags the least. I'd go for black.
  8. I like it in tan!
  9. Two Black Chanels are not a bad thing......but, if you want to change colors, get the beige with silver. I have the black with gold GST, the white with silver GST and the beige with silver GST and love all three, but bought the black first.:heart:H
  10. my cousin just bought a navy gst with silver hardware...its a nice alternative to black!
  11. My first GST is black. My second is Bordeaux.
  12. I still think black if this is your everyday bag. Its so different from your other bag. Go for a color for bag #3!
  13. i got black and i am very pleased with my choice. it goes with almost everything
  14. I love how the hardware looks with the black GST, so I say black!
  15. Since you already have a black bag, Bordeaux is a nice color. It's brighter than brown but still go well with everything else.