First Gris Fonce - to bid or not to bid?

  1. Hello ladies!
    i don't know if you've seen the gris fonce first on eBay (you might have if you've bee stalking eBay as obsessively as me:girlsigh:). anywhooo, my absolute holy grail is the '04 gris fonce city. i don't know if i'll ever get to have it though.
    i do think that this is quite a good chance for me to grab a gris, however it has seen a lot of wear. it doesn't have extra tassels, etc... i don't know if it's worth the money. at the moment the price is stuck at 230 ... i'm in love BUT not sure.... i also want to buy a rouille city....this would be my "BBag starter set" :wlae:
    PLEASE any advice is greatly appreciated!
    gris1.jpg gris2.jpg gris3.jpg gris4.jpg gris5.jpg
  2. wait for what you want! the first is sooooo much smaller then a city and if what you really want is a city, then you'll be disappointed that you spent your $$ on something you'll just end up selling or not using.

    also, this bag is heavily used and even tho it's not going for much, that number will jump. even if you or someone else wins it, you'll be spending another $200 or so to clean it up, so make sure to add that cost to the selling price.

    my advice is to wait for what you want.
  3. I completely agree with Nicole!! You should definitely hold out for the city and hopefully you will eventually find one in mint/near mint condition, too :tup:!! I was in a similar situation recently myself because I have been wanting an 05 Caramel Twiggy and there was one on e**y recently with a starting bid of $99.00. The bag itself was in fairly good condition but the handles were awful and it would have definitely needed to go to the "spa" before I could ever use it. I decided that if I could get the bag for a really low price ( <$300) I would go for it, but when the price went beyond that I stopped bidding. And, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would really prefer to pay a lot more for a bag that was in mint/near mint condition.
  4. thanks couture & nicole! it's just so hard when you see something that comes soo close to your HG but it's just not quite there yet...arg, this is driving me inSANE! thanks ladies!
  5. I hear ya! One of my HG's is an '05 Grey City which was on e@*y last November but the handles were not in the best condition and I didn't want to pay to have them re-furbished so I let it go and am just biding my time hoping one will pop up or waiting to see if Bal will make another Grey like the '05 for the Fall ( I hope, I wish!) :p BTW, there's an '06 Rouille City that's also on e@*y now but has a minor flaw and my other "wish" bag is for an '07 Paprika City.
  6. I agree with the other ladies - I find that if I buy a "substitute" for what I really want, I just end up buying what I really wanted later on and spending twice as much money. It's really hard to wait, but your bag will show up sooner or later!